J. Wading Through the Stream – No Peace, No Love

“It don’t add up cause the Crippin’ not the same.” ~ Pimp Hand by Vince Staples 

I have no concept of what it means to be in a street gang.  I have gone through various rites of passages, belonged to a number of groups over the years, but yeah, never been in a street gang.  So that’s my disclaimer.

While Crippin’ might not be the same as expressed in the song, I share this particular quote because I find myself in a place where it feels like things aren’t quite adding up and quite frankly, it’s probably because life is just not the same, ever.

But when is it ever?

My teacher has often expressed that one can never step in the same part of the stream.  The point of this analogy is that the flow of the stream is always moving so even if you find your self at the same point along a bank, the stream has new sediment carried there by the steady flow of new water.

What do you then do? Especially when things feel like they don’t add up?

Just be present, inhale deeply, exhale, then take a step forward because life is always unfolding all around you. And that’s okay.  Life is not meant to be the same.


We awake each day with a new consciousness, built brick by brick from our experiences, and in turn have more of a foundation that our journey is built upon.

Never fight change, just roll with it because it’s never the same and all you can do is flow.

Fighting, struggling with change brought about by the unforeseen, is what causes suffering.  And you don’t have to suffer.  You will hurt.  We all experience pain but suffering, in a spiritual sense, is rooted in resistance to the flow of energy as life evolves.

Just like one can drown when pummeled by waves if one resists too much, one can float and survive to find calmer waters through relaxing, waiting, and rising up.

Words to ponder because once again, the Crippin’ not the same.

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