Untitled, As Is – 16.16.03 aka #TheFeels

Sadness is the first feeling that I feels, it’s just after Love, which is so true & so real, Sadness takes me, its mask betrays me, my Ego slays me, Sadness is the first of #TheFeels.

Anger takes the baton from Sadness, with heat, with fire, its burns off the past until at last no Sadness can be sensed as fast, but lie beneath the surface, it does with the past.  Anger will carry, it can triumph too, but when it dies out, there comes something new…

Despair rolls on up, bring with it Shame, & Rage.  If you don’t catch a hold, they’ll burst out into Hate from their cage.  This cocktail of feelings is more like a buffet, depends on #TheFeels and how you fill your plate.

So what will your order be? So many choices, isn’t it great?

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