27 Pharaohs

“Cause we blessed up.” ~ Meek Mill Legend has it Egypt once was ruled by a Council of 27 Pharaohs. This collective valued the preservation of life through the cultivation of spirit. It was a glorious time to be alive.  I’ll say it again: IT WAS A GLORIOUS TIME TO BE ALIVE But as man’s […]

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Day 22

They say that the number 22 is that of the Master, the Christ a conscious(ness) Peak I’m just living my life and cultivating Peace So if I speak On that it’s just my belief

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Redemption – Playlist

My Beautiful, Dark Twisted Fantasy – Kanye West Just about every song on this album resonates to my current experience and period of life as a near four-year relationship has ‘evolved’ into something else.  Of note, “Runaway” and “Blame Game” speak out because so many of the sentiments that he conveys speak to many of the […]

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