Day One

Day One

You’re gone

It feels too long

But we were only singing

Such a sad song

My heart ache

I can’t take

Another day

This can’t be the way

Fuck the pain

Go away

I miss you

I love you

I want to rush

And hold you

Fight back the tears

And stand back

I’ll give this up

To the Most High & pray we rise

To our Spirit State,

Lord hear our my cries

Place my Trust in You

Then in time reveal

Whatever your Path for us will be, it is sealed

But first we need to stop & heal

Time plus space

That’s all we can do, so fresh, it feels so new

This fucking sucks

In the mirror, I want to scream

Fuck you

You failed again

Just miserable

How come you can’t

Just let go

Be a normal sheep

And flock, in the deep?

Because I can’t, you know this

And YOU can’t either, I’m trying to show you this

I’m so afraid

Can’t be alone

I shut that voice off, I’m in the zone

God set me free, some time ago

And it’s time, for us to grow

I love you still

I wish you knew

If I could, I would, I should

One day, either way, we will be good

Don’t be Good, my ninja.

Be Great.





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