Day Two

Day Two

I’m feeling blue

This can’t be true

“How could you?”

More like how could we?

Why couldn’t we see?

So, so blind, us people be

I’m struggling



Depleted, unnerved, feel like I have no control of me

Spiraling downward, once more

Where Rock Bottom sat before

Now looks like a high-rise top floor

Then my self-disdain passes

And that’s where it hurts most cause I feel the sadness

feel the sadness




Feel it fully

So that some day, this will surely pass.

But I’m not there Now, so I Here I wonder

Why couldn’t it last?

Why didn’t it work?

And beneath it all?

So much damn hurt

That’s the part that gets

Deep at Soul

Yes I’m human, but to drop so low, is not how I wanted us to go

Trust in Life, Let Nature guide, to be reborn, sometimes you have to cast aside

What once was

To usher in the new

So while twoday is blue

That someday twomorrow, will hold a Grace, so True


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