27 Pharaohs

“Cause we blessed up.” ~ Meek Mill

Legend has it

Egypt once was ruled

by a Council of 27


This collective valued the preservation of life through the cultivation of spirit. It was a glorious time to be alive.  I’ll say it again:


But as man’s greed was tainted by the Ego Devil’s need, the consciousness of the 27 was fractured, scattered, and awaited a Return, one that takes the passing of Saturn in the orbit of each person’s skies 27 years after her/his birth.

And with that, came the eternal Dark Night of the Soul for everyone.  But hope was not, can not ever be, lost, FOR there are those who have been able to traverse outside of Plato’s Cave.  And they, those in energetic form and the remaining in flesh, urge us all forward, toward, the eternal Light Day of the Shared Cosmic Savior that is our etheral balance.  They do this for we are a net, and if a single thread remains unbound, the net can never achieve its potential.

Should you stumble, should you fall, recall the 27 Pharaohs who lost it all but buried the diamond in the moment for all to breathe during this short experience.


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