Five Days

As the year winds down, it occurs to me that I have the same amount of days left as fingers on one hand or toes on a foot.  I don’t recall thinking about it that way when there were ten days left, when I had had two hands, two feet, to navigate with. Approaching this […]

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When the walls, the walls come a tumbling, tumbling down, down, down, there’s nothing, nothing left to see For inside those crumbled walls, there’s nothing, nothing left of me Oh how far gone and alone has life turned out to be, I’ll look to Nature, cause Nature will never be anything but who She is, […]

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Recent Reflections – A Synthesis

Nothing matters. Change the script whenever you wish. Endeavors do not need to have illusory goals and endpoints that make it worthwhile in this plane of consciousness. Sometimes one has to get lost in order to define a worthwhile goal that is the blossom of the seed from within. The blossom blooms in its time, then dies, and is reborn to continue the cycle endlessly.

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