Recent Reflections – A Synthesis


I was fortunate to get to spend some more time overseas this year.  Spending around 20 days in Asia (Japan and Korea) in total over the last four months isn’t that much if you think about it, but it was enough to shake and stir awake my consciousness with some freshness.  

Here are some spiritual reflections that came up on this last trip that stand out enough to share.  Enjoy.

So what I have learned this time out in the rabbit hole?  What have I found?  

~ Everything happens as is.  Resistance is what expands the suffering.  Trust life even more than you already do.

~ Pre-programmed mental constructs hold one back.  Release them and rewrite them.  No one knows more than knowing.  Knowing is confidence and it need not be acknowledged nor understood by anyone but you.

~ Nothing matters. Change the script whenever you wish. Endeavors do not need to have illusory goals and endpoints that make it worthwhile in this plane of consciousness. Sometimes one has to get lost in order to define a worthwhile goal that is the blossom of the seed from within.  The blossom blooms in its time, then dies, and is reborn to continue the cycle endlessly.

~ You can because I can.  I am Not and All at simultaneously.  The separateness of duality is not merely the realization that you see both sides from a doorway at different times.  Doesn’t change the fact that you can go back and forth through many doorways throughout life.  

~ Divine Timing is never wrong.  

On that last note, I’ve notice paintings of clocks, clocks on buildings, even the clock on the wall in my crib.  Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock.  

Tock Tick.  

Reminds me a bit of The Maxims of Delta.  You can check that out online here.

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