A Poetic 45 – Week 01

A week in, a weak one, and here we are, oh look, radiating sun The Earth turns upon Axis, once more, has it won, and yet neither here nor there will we be, until the death of this sun So small, is each life, so vast, why build strife?  Why build walls? What point is […]

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The Present

It is so easy to be everywhere but in the moment yet isn’t that counterintuitive? The moment is really all we have. Ever. Always. Why is it then, that that so many of us live somewhere amidst the self-limiting beliefs socialized into us (past) and pining away for a day when it is all going […]

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The Inauguration Post

Today has felt like a dark day. It’s not because of the media or “fake news” as some might discount. It’s because a great number of our brothers and sisters in this country and around the world are in pain. No matter who you voted for or what your slant, I challenge you to think […]

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The Dark of Night

The Dark of Night, Such Void of Light, The Piercing of my Soul, The only Way to be Whole How is it that to be pierced, which in essence creates a hole, is the only way to be full?  Is it balance?  Is it experience?  Does it matter?  Does life care? Nature surely does not […]

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Burnin’ and Lootin’

People have been telling me lately that I look tired. Or burnt out. (Shrugs shoulders) Maybe both. 2016 was hard for me and I was not one of the lucky few who seemingly escaped unscathed.  95% of the folks I’ve chatted with about last year agree that this ’16 was not so sweet.  It was […]

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