The Inauguration Post


Today has felt like a dark day. It’s not because of the media or “fake news” as some might discount. It’s because a great number of our brothers and sisters in this country and around the world are in pain. No matter who you voted for or what your slant, I challenge you to think about your own pain in life. Meditate on that. Sucks right? Why wish that upon anyone? It is in collective pain, failing to recognize that there are others who are hurting, who feel cast aside, that we build walls between us. A lack of compassion permeates the air because the world has molded us to be selfish, to think there is but one view, one way. And if another does not share that, then they are wrong, they are evil. Failing to look objectively, with true empathy has led us to where we are. If we do not rise up and stop perpetuating the infliction of pain through hatred, oppression, just failing to listen, we will just keep swinging from one end of the spectrum to the next. Maybe if we can stop pushing each other, if we can see where we relate, there might be something both sides can look forward to in the next episode. Maybe then we will celebrate our differences and finally embrace what brings us together, our humanity, which shares pain, shares joy, all of it. #AlohaKeAkua #AlohaHarder #TheMaximsOfDelta

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