The Present


It is so easy to be everywhere but in the moment yet isn’t that counterintuitive? The moment is really all we have. Ever. Always. Why is it then, that that so many of us live somewhere amidst the self-limiting beliefs socialized into us (past) and pining away for a day when it is all going to be better (future)? Sure appointments might be made, deals could be struck, pleasant surprises could come along, but what happens to all of the moments in between? What about the Here and Now (present)? Go stare at a lotus blossom. Perhaps it will tell you. And if you find something other than beauty, wow, amaze-balls, that’s okay too. Whatever manifests in the journey is just another teacher, guiding us to live full, authentic experiences before this long collective moment of living evolves and passes, which it surely will.#AlohaKeAkua #AlohaHarder #TheMaximsOfDelta#Mindfulness #Now #Okayness #Presence

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