An Open Letter – Embrace the Suck

On the heels of recent discussions, I feel compelled to share that in order to live fully, one must totally and wholly:

Embrace the Suck.

Let’s be real. Life can fucking suck. It can be terrible. There is always a new tragedy. If it is not something tragic that derails you, there are then disappointments creep up. But that’s okay, Dear Reader. It truly is because let’s face it:

Life’s just not all sunshine and rainbows.

One of my homies from college, Miguelito, used to start our staff meetings by asking for each person to share “Sunshine and Bombs.” The Sunshines were always easy because they had to do with something cool. The Bombs for early 20 somethings were mostly easy too in hindsight. Regardless how soon(er than I’d like) to be late 30 something me now sees that time of my life, the point is a challenging circumstance in any given moment, is a challenging circumstance.

And that’s okay.  Life is a mixed bag.  Each morning we wake, whether it’s a struggle, or there’s a bounce in our step, is a blessing.  So enjoy each one for the single gift it is.

And with that, a partial poem that I jotted down while contemplating a recent suicide:

Was it a step?

Or a leap?

Was it faith

That set you free?

What’s the answer Doc?

Is there more,

Can you tell me?

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