Common Assumptions

“30s, the new 20s.”

My friend wrote shortly after I shared, damn, I’m almost 37.  His point was that we live in a completely different world and what was assumed to be life for someone living in their 20s, 30s, and beyond no longer apply to the world we live in.

Renewing, terrifying, who knows?

I remember staring down the back nine of my 20s ten years ago when I began publicly sharing my writing here, grappling with so many different emotions, and really struggling with my place in the Universe.  I remember wanting more, to be more, to do more, to “live fully” I so often said.

Then there was the time deep in meditation at 28, “To share my heart with the world.” and the subsequent trying to figure that out.

Or “Live my dream.”

And just like when I hit 25, and the forecast I had envisioned for my life was anything but, here I am, a few years from 40, and my life is anything but normal.

“I grew up normal enough, whatever that is.”

So I know I’m not living a “normal” experience despite the obvious: Like success, we cannot define normal collectively.

“You were a good friend to him while he was around and probably helped him through more than a few of his bad days.”

Another friend wrote in a thread after I shared some thoughts about life in general and this reflection I go back to about the impermanence of life, particularly as I still process the suicide by Dr. Scott.

I’ve felt a bit better about my life since last writing, which goes to show you that getting lots of rest (I slept 32 of 48 hours of the weekend because I caught the flu) can be helpful. Writing more, trusting life more by just allowing myself to be busy without fighting or ‘suffering’ within about it, has also helped.

In some ways, I feel an unburdening and an unraveling as I force myself to be present and not look so much at the world outside of me with attachment because to answer the question that was once posed to me ten years ago, “What is the reality, of the reality, of the realness, of the reality?”  is as follows:

Any and all expectations for life have been shattered since this simple online rag began.

Sure, there may be a few threads here that tie it all together but if you want any sort of peace, then as the title states, leave all common assumptions at the door, my friends.



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