Classic Laughs

The other day I was rapping out with this 71 year old Aunty who volunteers with the State to give Seniors a buddy.  It was a cool conversation and we somehow talked about how the elderly population has the highest increase in STDs in any population group.  I was trying to be PC so I used the word ‘promiscuous’ because somehow, saying ‘f*cking’ or ‘sleeping around’ didn’t seem to flow.

“How come when young people do it, it’s called friends with benefits?!” She asked energetically.

I started cracking up.  This lady, she had a spark to her. She went on to tell me her age and that the older you get, the more direct you become, and that she was still out there, looking but not looking hard.

As a licensed wedding officiant, I told her, when you find that person, look me up, I’d like to perform the service.

She laughed, wrote my name down, said our goodbyes and the journey split.


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