Urban Sermons – 04.30.17

Fuck.  Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.  I’ve lost the muse.  To be specific, the tide of the flow, that shit gone cause it shifted. The rhymes that were meant to go, to be gifted, gone, gone, gone now another chapter of my life, fell into the rift, kid. How’d I miss it? Bang, bang.  Where’d you go, […]

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Why You Mad, World?

“Come with me, Hail Mary Run quick see, what do we have here Now, do you want to ride or die La dadada, la la la la” ~ Tupac, Hail Mary I’ll never forget the hook of the song but then again, it’s the words that follow: “I ain’t a killer but don’t push me.” […]

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The space in between.   As much as cool life occurrences such as attaining goals, victories, and the like are epic, it’s the space in between that matters the most. Enjoy those checkpoints, they can be great! But they are balanced by their opposite, and if we fail to live fully the space in between, […]

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