Aloha ‘Oe

This past week I said Aloha to my Teacher, who called me her Teacher, when we first met seven years ago.  She has been my guide, my friend, my hanai Grandma, and never have I encountered someone who was able to speak at such depth about the spiritual journey. She was the Light I needed at […]

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Thanks and Praise

Though it terrifies my ego, I know that, I know that, I know that I can trust and let go, Feel this, vibe this, can’t miss this through the glean of a shared vision Then it came to me, but a gleam, one night, angelic dream, as you, your Light, split the seam, illuminating the […]

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So Long

It’s been quite the run for you and I, we’ve lived  as one fragmented being together so long, our grasp on the illusion of duality has helped Me, believe it or not. Take leaving home, undertaking school on my own, if it weren’t for the fear, and the risk/reward/excitement, the impulsiveness of the decision to […]

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