War Cry

“I Know the devil is real, I know the devil is real.” ~ Future, Blood On the Money

Heart split / Soul shift / Mind rift / Take this pain

My only Faith is in Him For that’s the only Calm that lasts enough to quell the Enemy, the Inner Me, the Sin in me

When so much bull, flowing, shhhhhh. This it? What this means? To be growing? In Spirit, now I’m flowing? Where’s Knowing? Can’t be controlling…

This Life as its unfolding.  Before His Love I thought to walk the line, one foot on either side, stake my claim in grey, then I’d be fine. But in Truth the message is

To Him, in Love, For Always, then aligned

Heart split / Soul shift / Mind rift / Take this pain

Evil is an illusion when breathing the Love found in His name, now I’m glowing, no need for controlling, now release and shift to a life brand new

Place my Faith in Love long before He gave any of us to His Son for this Path He already knew

Redemption, Intention, Live Life from and for Eternal Love, My motivation

Heart solid / Soul aligned / Mind whole / No more pain

Cause for that there ain’t no time, there ain’t no time, there ain’t no time.


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