So Long

It’s been quite the run for you and I, we’ve lived  as one fragmented being together so long, our grasp on the illusion of duality has helped Me, believe it or not.

Take leaving home, undertaking school on my own, if it weren’t for the fear, and the risk/reward/excitement, the impulsiveness of the decision to jump, to fly, might never have happened.  It was that pull, that opposite that was helpful in knowing what I Am not. Saying farewell to the adult loves, the prospect of facing the challenge of not having anything real, meaningful, has thrust us further into His Arms.

Any time really when the Fear has come or the script has run, you’ve been there, stoking it, growing it, and without that friction, I’d not have grown in Faith.

It’s a magical life my friend and you’re welcome to join some day.  But for now, I must say goodbye if you want to run the show. I just ain’t got no time for that type of Fear any more.  The Love is too Real and is glorious outside.


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