Aloha ‘Oe

This past week I said Aloha to my Teacher, who called me her Teacher, when we first met seven years ago.  She has been my guide, my friend, my hanai Grandma, and never have I encountered someone who was able to speak at such depth about the spiritual journey.

She was the Light I needed at the time we connected and in the time since I’ve worked hard on growing and developing in Spirit and Faith.  It’s kind of crazy to look back on because it was so long, at times felt like wandering in the Darkness on Faith alone.  I knew I felt something that I couldn’t understand, there was this feeling of connection to something so much Greater that I believed to be real but no one could really explain it or relate to it.  So I just kept praying and trusting.

Then I met Adya and wow, almost seven years later, that time flew and oh, what I’ve learned and what Faith has confirmed.

“They say it’s time for me to go Dear, so you can get out there and start speaking.”

I have written forever, or as long as I can recall, but in the past 10 years, speaking on what I believe, what I feel has increased, has become natural.  I cannot help it.  In many ways, I think my fears surrounding it are dissolving with each breath.

I feel in knowing, what it is that is flowing forth from my Heart to share with the world.

Today a colleague of mine shared that I reminded him of his Dad, who began to get into his spirituality at the age of 27.  Before that, he remembers his Dad as an angry young man.  Sounds very familiar to me and that age is when I jumped haphazardly into embracing my Journey.

“You’re on The Journey, Dear.”

And I’ve been terrified, often, even when Light came in to illuminate the Path.  But I’ve never stopped working at it.  I have sought meaning over the last decade because chaos is largely unfulfilling.

Fulfillment has value.

It doesn’t always make sense in any given moment but it’s worth so much I’ll never be able to describe it.  That’s how vast Love, and God is.  I’m not perfect, I’m flawed, but there’s one thing this Life has demonstrated time and time again, that is probably the greatest teaching Adya ever shared with me:

“God Loves Me, EXACTLY As I AM.”

I shall miss my friend, but I’m grateful Life has seen me fit to grow me further, “to walk deeper into knowing God and Love.”  And I’m stoked that the Love I have long felt in my Heart, reveals Itself on the daily.

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