On Pain

And then one day, the crowd asked, “Delta, speak to us of pain.”

Delta smiled, the Light of the Sun reflecting in his eyes: There are only two greater teachers than Pain, Love and Death.  But it is through Pain that both fulfill their greatness.

Pain comes in many forms but as the Sun shines so bright, I shall merely share two –

The pain we experience, and,

The pain we cause,

The first is a matter of life. A passing, a toll paid for being.  The second is that which we rage upon the world.  Worse, on ourselves.

It is through Pain that Love guides me to someday meet Sweet Death, embracing the fullness of each breath, as each moment I am left with one less.

It is from Pain that I understand the need for compassion.  And that begins within.  Heal the Sacred Wounds of Shadows, release the Sacred Tears as they Flow, then suffering from the teachings of Pain will release.

And you Friends, shall be set Free.

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