Pyongyang Stylee

Wrote this a few months back when the chatter of N. Korea started to escalate.  As it now intensifies, it seems appropriate to share.  

No matter what happens, May we let our laughter stay go hea now, cause when our smiles shine shine, ain’t no better time! #AlohaHarder 

Where you stay now

Where you wen stay

The day the bombs

Wen pop pop

The day the sky

Wen ashen grey


Where you stay go

Where you wen stay

Wen the children

Wen cry cry

The day the bombs

Wen drop drop


Where we stay now

Where we gon’ stay

Wen the fire’s just an ember

The day wen maybe the Darkness

Smother smothers


Again & again

Propaganda make We sick


Where we stay go

Where we wen stay

The Night

The Light

Wen breakthough

Sparking hope

Eh, We get one brand new day


I go tell you what

I wen stay, I wen go, I go stay here


Go Now –

Light up, Light up!


Bradahs, Sistahs, All Keiki O Ka `Āina

Now it’s time to let

Our laughter stay

Our laughter go


Cause wen our smiles

Shine Shine

Ain’t no better time,


Where you stay go, where you wen stay…

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