We One

Each time we ‘kill’ in thought, word, or deed, we ultimately wound within for we are all one.

Broken dimensions

I might need an intervention

Only God’s lifts Through Love

Soul Full Redemption

Soul Full of Fury

If you knew me

You’d see right through me

See my Heart, the beat-beats truly

Just Raw Love and Compassion

Yet at times I feel the phantoms, they laughin’

I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe

Stop killing our human sisters and brothers

Stop beating our mothers

Let’s rise up and Love One Another

Before Hate Leaves us Smothered

And covered in a stream of blood as it drips from holes in the bodies as they hit the floor, no room to stand, I’m sinking, being pulled, the chaos of our time can be like quicksand

All that’s left is a rose in a puddle, the raindrops its cuddle, Ego chirps, I’m in trouble, I’m too late, one less breath, I have, a few less beat-beats

A few less


Flatline on the screen

Time’s up

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