J. Wading Through the Stream Season 2 Trailer – Further and Fuller

It just hit me that I’m feeling fucking stressed.  Expletive needed.

Just about a month ago, I found out I had to move, which caught me off guard.  My car had some issues so another unforeseen expense came up. Around that time, I injured my hip and lower back and there have been some other areas I’m watching in my life too that don’t make much sense. Then this past week, I spent the evening in the ER after getting a rib injury during training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Arte Suave. Or ‘The Gentle Art”  as that translates.


I ran into a long-time acquaintance yesterday and he remarked how well I seemed to be handling it.  Well, allow me to re-introduce myself, once more because what more can I say, I’m JMAW.  I’ve been seeking since ever since, and each time I go through struggles I am reminded that:

I got this because HE GOT THIS, so we got this.

The stress I feel now, will surely pass, I am reminded of that each day, and trust that fully because in looking where I’ve been in my Life as a whole, the challenges always end, harmony comes, then more challenges show up.  It’s a cycle and each ride through it helps me to release further and let go fuller.  And the learning that comes, wow.

A year ago, my life was completely different. I had a hard time remembering who I was in Spirit, and my Faith was on a lifeline. I was nearing the end of a drawn out break up and I was holistically worn out.  I had a trip to Japan planned so I could be isolated and recharge.  Every now and again, I need that reminder of being out there exploring, seeking further that which might make fuller the Life I have on the daily because it’s important we feel the adventure in living no matter where we are.

In the year since, I’ve gotten my health in order, lost over 40 lbs through training, rarely drinking, and eating consciously.  I have prioritized traveling and been fortunate to experience new places and continue that adventure.  And the area that has really enhanced the most, which boggles me to be honest, is my Faith.

I have learned more about God, Faith, and the depth of Love in the past year than I have in my entire Life before this.  There are so many moments of recollection at how blessed I am by the Love that is there for all of us when we just trust, when we believe, that I am moved to tears.

There is just so much beauty to this Life.

Despite my stress, those reminders help me.  They fuel me.  And they are everywhere in each moment.

The sun, the breeze, the sound of the waves, a rainbow, drops of rain, the song of birds. God’s masterpiece is at work all around us! In conversations, on people’s t-shirts, in inspirational posts, a-ha moments.  This Life is a never-ending wow and it’s times like what I am experience right now, times of contrast, where all I can do is say,

Thanks.  Thanks for seeing me worthy to create and giving me this gift of Life.

Mahalo ke Akua

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