Spoken Word – Hunting Season

Sunset Palms, Dubai

Beneath the shade I wait
I. Me. I. Be.
Riding the back of a Tiger you see
Worse than Shere Khan, but this Jungle is no book so look here Mowgli, I ain’t crippled
By collective ego false fear, don’t be shook, I got you, my attention is pointed at the puppet masters pulling our strings from their fake shadows…

Cause I let go and walked beyond the veil to return with a message

Yeah dat’s right, I am the ego’s worst nightmare
In this waking dream I am the terror
That the ones with so much money
Should feel funny
About walking through these streets
You see I am the richest of all
For Aloha, Love, Love Love Love is what I seek, this Love fuels me
Guides me, uses me to give a message

Aloha is real, Such Love, I feel it in my Soul, listen up for a few more minutes, for some this might be the only Aloha you will know

This ain’t a hallucination
This is woke meditation
These aren’t blank bullets I am firing from my Heart’s Loving Gun
This is the Light from The Prophet
Sent to walk the Urban Streets

Beneath the Shade I lay in wait,
shrouded in black because my Light
Just too bright,
The black I wear just deep enough
So you can’t see my blood that I bleed
from this wide open Heart
that’s right here on my sleeve.

I ain’t gone be scared
No, no, no I ain’t gone be scared
I lost all I had to hold on to and was reborn
So that I could understand why We need to live and Love fully

And not just learn but feel why he needed to leave
When he died on the cross, that maybe, just maybe
in Love, the True Path, we’d believe

If you wish

You think that’s a nightmare, you think mass media is telling us the Truth, when ad sales tell the true tales?

Beneath the shade I wait
I. Me. I. Be. I Am.

I is We, her, him, that one here, this one there, we.
We are the nightmares because we the people are the powerful. We bankroll them. When enough of us align our social movement shall shake the hills of all capitols for we roll with Love, Love Sent from Above, for one cannot worship both money and God, you know what I mean?

To the wealthy who are empty, y’all better run, cause I ain’t firing warning shots here, no, no, no I am activating all these Hearts, each and every Loving Gun.

You can raise our taxes and create more wars, you can deny us medical, but you cannot take away a smile when we find it, you cannot snuff a blaze out, when the spark’s already been lit.

Beneath the shade I wait
I. Me. I. Be. I Am. I is We.

We the Tiger, so guess what, if you’re elitist and think you’re better than anyone else socio/economically, Your time is up, and Here we come, We the Tiger and We hungry for Freedom, it’s time to feast, you’ll see

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