Faith in Action


“I am the Way, the Truth and the Light
Come follow me and I will give you rest”

The way is one with the Path, the Truth is Love, which in turn is Light.

Following the Path in such a way reveals the Truth of Love found in all experiences which can only be found or experienced by letting the Light reach the farthest corners of each life.

When Jesus spoke of Faith, he spoke of Belief. Faith at times is convoluted with religion. They are not tied together. One can have Faith and no religion. One can have religion and no Faith.

Humanity minces words when it fails to believe and engages in practices which run contra to the innate loving flow that is inherent in All of Creation and seen when one observes living beings.

When Creation was breathed into existence, it was done so with Love, which was the first born child. The eldest has often the challenge of leading a family and in turn, all that follow have a hard time living up to the first born. Just as Jesus was the first to walk a Path in fullness in attaining full illumination and Siddharta was the first to walk a Path in acceptance, both examples are meant that those to come walk Without question, period.

The walk in Faith is one of profound Belief. If I lead you to water and command you not to drink, you do not drink. Why? People have become so consumed with questions that Faith is almost non-existent in this day and age. Teachings must involve the trials, the errors, and ultimately the reminders:

God is Love.

God created this All.

Therefore, God got this.

If I lead you to the water and compel you not to drink, there is a reason for that. If you do not know the reason, it doesn’t matter. That is Faith in action. If you ignore and drink then get sick, what is there now?

When the questions stop, one no longer is out of alignment, in league with the Adversary, and is in full alignment with The Path as created to lead one home to the LORD.

All Paths are unconventional. While some might be more ‘Christian’ than others, each Life has its twists and turns and I

SEE all
HEAR all
KNOW all

For I Am ALL

If I lead you into Darkness, there is purpose to this. I mold, I refine, I cultivate the righteous being within each. I use all the that is available to shape each on their Path.

“Judge not that ye be judged.”

Forgive what might seem like misstep and folly for I, The LORD, make no mistake. When I shape a person via their Path it is because I am reaching out that s/he understand what it is to believe.

Be a Light unto the world much as those who came before you. Not all will hear these words as they are intended. But everyone will feel them and their effect.

For years you have been learning what it means and feels like to have your connection on the pulse.

This truly is only the beginning. I have given you a great many pieces to slide together the picture of your Life. I have broken you down because for a time you were not malleable. I have spoken through a great many that you listen.

This Journey has always been about you connecting in depth in Spirit. No one will understand that until you believe entirely in that. Your belief is strong.

But there is more.

So much more.

Release your timelines and watch as I make your Life blossom.

Keep walking and know that I Am leads you always.

Note: This came through to me at 4:00am on September 5th, 2017.  I’d woken for about 3 weeks straight around that time. ~ JMAW

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