Ep. 2.1 – J. Wading Through the Stream – A New Release

“Everything is coming together as we steadily come apart.” ~ The Maui Mystic



What an interesting concept.

September this time out of the corral has by far been a walk to remember as it’s replayed my walk from seven years past (that you can read about here) in a way I could not imagine.  As we’ve reflected before, the deeper one goes, the more expanded consciousness becomes, and wow.

‘Wow’ is the only fitting word to describe #thefeels that I’m feeling right now as Life and the World around me continues to shift.

The month began with a move into a new space and again wow, the energy, wow oh wow oh wow! It’s included multiple Light Meditation sessions and has brought me back to doing the spiritual work I thought was over (in case you new here, I used to give readings and do intense spiritual work with folks).  From the get go, I’ve given a blessing, been asked to do a blessing for a cousin who is like my sister (yay Cybil!), recorded a download of spiritual reflection, which I hope is a blessing of Aloha to those who hear it, and I feel ever more in tune with The Spirit and feeling The Creator’s Presence all around.

It’s definitely been full as I’ve opened up to really seeing and feeling the expression of God throughout my Life.  As I’ve felt the abundance in such fullness, my cup is truly overflowing.

How did I get here?

How am I this calm cat who’s stoked about existence?  When last J. Waded through the stream, we talked about embracing the suck.  That’s integral.

A friend and guide in my own Journey shared:

Everything is coming together as we steadily come apart.

Now, if that’s not some poetry that shatters duality, I don’t know what else might be.

As I’ve deconstructed myself and my world views time and time again, focusing on Love, Freedom, and Allowing the Full Authentic Expression of my +Being as God Created me to Be, it’s been a mix of intense bliss coupled with overwhelming sadness.

At the center of existence, there is a place where it all connects.  I’ve long thought the moment held it all.  By all, I mean experiences of feeling: happiness, sadness, anger, depression, and so on.  Similar to Love and Fear being at extreme opposites, the same can be said of different experiences and the feelings they evoke.  Yet in the center point, when one strips away all the bullshit of the mind, you’ll see it, KNOW that place, and how it feels.

It is where connection is planted in Love.

To look upon the world with bias is to fail to realize the connection of Love in all occurrences in our Life.  A connection can be in Nature, in a moment with a Friend, or alone.  It can be experienced in the highs and the low.

Those threads, those are the ties that if studied, will lead one to the spiritual liberation that the great ones who came before pointed us towards.

Don’t believe in mediocrity.  Believe in Greatness.  To achieve Greatness, in Consciousness, first and foremost, be willing to say fuck all the bullshit, and rise up to see the active co-creation of this.

If you are willing to go through the looking glass, I promise you that you will:

Recognize where we get too bound by condition.

Do that, and thou shalt be healed.

Because guess what?  The shackles aren’t real…


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