Ep. 2.2 – J. Wading Through the Stream – Renewal

“It’s fun as fuck though…” ~ The Generalissimo 

Lighthouse and Sunset Dramatic Sky Edit

As we open up to allowing, we begin to see, hear, and feel The Spirit and Its expression in everything, Life around us, AND most importantly, our very own lives.  This is where ‘the veil parts’ and those moments of openness are when one exists in the Flow State of Being and that is where Knowing resides.

By Knowing, I don’t mean it’s knowing it all or being a know it all.  More so Knowing in this spiritual sense is the ability to see, hear, feel something that has not yet manifested in our conscious experience.  The shackle is fear, doubt, shame, insert whatever that makes one feel like a full Life of Love, is undeserved here.

Next time you feel inspired and the first doubt creeps in, before it consumes, PAUSE, then simply ask:


Why am I in doubt of myself when something within in my +Being feels so pono (righteous, sound, whole, will benefit the world)?

There is not a single good answer for the doubt.  But there are roots.

The roots for much of our dysfunction can be found in the internalization of falsehoods that get implanted early on.

“Dumb kid.”

“You’re no good.”

“Too fat.”

“You’re ugly.”

“This, that, otherwise…”

People we love plant these seeds.  But we water them.  As we release and forgive ourselves for being who we are, as we are, the water of Life can be redirected.  Not only will we feel better, we will feel compassion for those falsehoods are not the Truth of those we Love.

They are just weapons of the Adversary, creeping in, soiling the Inner Me, in turn flipping our own Egos into the Enemy, pawns of the agenda of Fear, that a corrupt level of (un)consciousness uses to control.  We need not be bound by such limitation.

We need only BE.  We need only BREATHE.  We need only BELIEVE.

Jesus said that all we needed was Faith the size of a mustard seed.  A mustard seed!  A little itty, bitty, super tiny mustard seed!  Faith gets mixed for many, so think of it this way, all we need is HOPE.

If a single candle can Light a room, imagine what HOPE can do for the dark corners of a single Life.  Imagine if many candles came together, what collective HOPE could do for the dark corners of a collective world.

I’ll tell you this much, perhaps we would see.

Aloha Harder.

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