Ep. 2.4 – Last Train to Paris

Bullets Vol. 2 – Rage, Rage, Rawwwwwwwwwr
I am Rage / I’m back / Eh yo, You cannot leave me / I’ve been on the table / Ever since there could be / An opportunity / To deploy my vibe / Here I am / For you see /
I am Rage / I am Rage / I am Rage /
“Rawr” ~ My Ninja Kiree
I’ve had a shit vibe all day.  It always finds me around this time and space before a production in my ‘professional’ life. It’s the point where the work and stress levels have peaked and the outside factors can really tip the scale one way or another.  I see this, am aware of the pattern, so unless I submit to the fact that I cannot change anything outside of me, so stop the fighting, Rage will manifest.
That’s not to say Rage isn’t useful.  It is.  Quite.  Beautiful to be at peace with.
But the power of this energy isn’t appropriate for this arena.  “I knows this because I flows this.” The Dream Pusher told me once.
Sometimes the most magical part of the Journey is the continued recognition of how flawed and fucked up I am.  You want some alchemy in Life?  There you go.  Embrace the ego and go for the ride.  I can be quite serious but I’m also in on the cosmic joke.  This Life is so beautiful, so darn amazing.
But it’s also a shit show.
And that’s just how we have to roll somewhiles, with a sense of ah, fuck damnit.
It is what it is.
That blows my mind! On so many levels there are wonderful happenings yet you tune in to what’s floating about and you’ll see it all simultaneously.  The trick is being able to get on the train that’s taking you where you need to go (Elevation), not the one that leads you down the road to nowhere (Depravation).
I get it though.  The trek along Life’s Road as a Human having a Spiritual Experience and a + Being having a Human experience is difficult because the application of what is so easy, is what makes it challenging.
As I told my Ninja a variation of what I told y’all before, just remember:
The Universe Loves Me Exactly as I AM.
Mantra that enough.  Read your favorite verses from scripture.  Like a few inspirational posts from your go to profiles.  Listen to some phuncky Cypress Hill shit.  Maybe a little Future, Migos, or Gucci.  Do what you gotta to make you feel good and wanna holla:
Cause this is a just a dream that ends.  Everything ends.  As does this episode…

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