Ep. 2.5 – Rebirth

“Boy I started on the bottom, made my way to the top. Boy I’m gon’ keep winning, no I cannot stop” ~ Lil Uzi Vert, Do What I Want

Sunlights vs. Tree

Facebook’s On This Day Memories reminded me of the time I was about to head to New Orleans by way of Georgia seven years past.

A funny story really…

I was in New York City, getting coffee in one of the subway stations and this woman in front of me was dancing about.  It is now so far removed, the details of her face escape me but I remember the coffee, the lights, and marveling at the how Free her Spirit was.  I made a comment to her and she turned and we began to chat.  In the few minutes that we spent in conversation, I managed to share I was “on a spiritual journey” and seeking to put the pieces of my Life back together by praying for dreams and following signs.

I hadn’t yet decided on where I would go but had a dream that I interpreted as taking the whole Inner Tribe to New Orleans, The Big Easy.  I also had other nudges and being in the rush to the finish line and figure it all out, I wasn’t sure where I’d end up after New York.

We made our way through the line when she said, “If you get the chance, go to New Orleans.  I think you’ll enjoy the energy there.” The energy was one of Rebirth.

I thanked her, a bit in awe, recalling the dream, how I’d asked for signs to guide me, and thought perhaps, this was a sign.

Then she turned one last time and said, “My son went there to volunteer.  His name is Jason.”

Stunned.  I hadn’t shared my name and even if I did, why would she make that up?  The Universe was yelling so loudly at me to let go, trust, feel the Love, and I fought it.

Fought it for so long.  And really, it was because I was afraid of submitting to the Love of The Creator as it was reflected all around because, gulp, I didn’t want to admit that I had that Love within myself the whole time.  As the Journey has continued since my experiences of Rebirth, then Adventures in Urban Mysticism Vol. 1 Rebirth, on to the Redemption that I am experiencing Now while Wading Through the Stream, it’s Love.

Just Love.  Absolutely A.L.L. of it.




The next time, you’re waiting in line, talking to a stranger, whatever, remind yourself wherever you are, exactly in that manifestation of the moment, is perfect, just as it is and Love is there if you open up to experience it.  We are so conditioned to focus on the acquisition of ‘treasures’ whilst chasing the ‘pleasures’ of this world, both of which are never enough, that we end up missing out on the depth of the moment and how that is  enough.  It’s more than enough and so are you, because that is the Journey, my Friends.

The Design of your Life is only beauty.  That’s all it is.  Have you the courage to believe you are worth of experiencing the natural grandeur of  Being?

Believe me, you do.  It’s A.L.L. you…

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