Ep. 2.6 – Sacred Tears

DSC_3569This morning as I sat across from a Sacred Presence, I felt so much Love, the Love that she carries within her own Essence, and the Love that Flowed between us.  I felt my eyes fill with tears and believe it or not, there were not words that I could share at that time.

Over the course of my Journey, I have projected a great deal of what I’ve hoped to find in this world.  And when I was reading folks on the regular, I would strive to share with them the Highest Good, that I felt.  That not so much a projection but a declaration in the Goodness that I believe exists at the core of Creation.

This morning was the first time I felt like the projections and declarations have evolved,  and rather, they are reflections of the vibe of Love I have always felt exists all around us.

For so many years, I kept my Light dim in hopes of fitting in.

There have been so many things I’ve done just do because it’s what you do if you’re alive in this day and age, yet, it wasn’t me living out my Truth.

If anything, it felt like I was ‘living’ in the pale shadow of Truth.

In that case, was it really living?

Or was it subsisting?

I’ve said it, wrote it, and will probably never stop doing it either, but truly, I believe that we are meant to

Live and Love Fully.

To see such a reflection, to feel such a Love, most definitely that’s what this (waves hands all around) time here wearing the masks and costumes of Flesh, are all about.

It’s time we remember.

Start crying.  You are Love.  You are Beloved.  I’ve said this before too:

It’s Time to Fly.

Aloha ke Akua.

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