Ep. 2.8 – Let Go and Laugh

This might be TMI so you’ve been warned.   Today as I doing my business in the bathroom, last minute business crept in via text message.  All I could do was continue to ‘let go’ since I was doing just that, and laugh at the cosmic joke I found myself in, then start to work on […]

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Ep. 2.7 – BAM

“Y’all be talkin’ crazy under them IG pictures” ~ Jay-Z, Bam My homie doesn’t like to swear and she always says (in real life and text) the term of endearment: MotherFer! Or MotherFers! For multiple such cats. That being shared, we can certainly encounter a great deal of B*tch A$$ MotherFers (BAM) along the Journey. […]

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