Ep. 2.7 – BAM

“Y’all be talkin’ crazy under them IG pictures” ~ Jay-Z, Bam

Hand Love Heart by the Sea

My homie doesn’t like to swear and she always says (in real life and text) the term of endearment: MotherFer!

Or MotherFers! For multiple such cats. That being shared, we can certainly encounter a great deal of B*tch A$$ MotherFers (BAM) along the Journey.

Such is Life…

“You keep saying that.” I’ve been told. LOLOL, I’ve been saying that along with Ajahn Sumedo’s expression:

“Right now, it’s like this.”

When little BAMs on the road show up in our lives, just remember these are little, small blips in the grandness of vast expanse that is Love.  Sometimes they might shout and create uncomfortable circumstances for the world around them but that doesn’t mean we need to fuel them with our attention.

Nor should we fear them.

That also doesn’t mean to allow oneself to be trod upon.  Factoring that in, what should one do.?

First and foremost, turn to prayer because while the situation might not change instantly, a prayer goes a long way in helping to ease the burden of the emotional energy.  It might help you to see the the situation in a new Light and The Creator works in mysterious ways fo’sho.

Next, give yourself a time limit to look at an issue.  Drama is drama is drama and it’s impossible to turn off the drama unless we tune out of it.  Conflict resolution can unfold in a number of ways from addressing an issue and standing your ground to letting it go.  Whatever you choose, do you, because this Journey is yours, not a miserable little BAMs.

And remember, you are in on the cosmic joke. Laughter truly is some of the greatest medicine available. If you need a visual, just picture the BAMs who show up from time to time as little, bald men, who are just really sad, wearing fake smiles or sneers to mask their hurt and insecurity.

In closing, don’t forget that the ego, like the Devil, has no power unless we give it power.

Give that power to yourself and just Love.

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