Ep. 2.10 – Why You Stressin’ – Be

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I am not a fan.

Not at all.

But just like sh!t, stress happens.

And it’s not fun and that doesn’t mean we need be crippled by it.

That mindset to not be crippled by limitation, perceived or otherwise, applies to anything really but since we’re talking about stress, let me divulge.  Though I’ve never been diagnosed with anything, throughout my Life, I can look back and see spaces and times where I felt a great deal of anxiety and worry.

If I’m not care + full, it gets the best of me now.  But I do care to have a full and balanced Life so I work at it and my Life improves more and more.

How then do I make it without copious amounts of drugs and alcohol?  That’s a great question.  If I figure it out, I’ll let you know.

Just kidding!

From my experience and observation, that stuff doesn’t help because you can only escape for so long before you are faced with the next hurdle.  And as great as sex or rock’n’roll are, not the greatest of escapes either because reality knocks.  The only way I can ever decompress from stress and anxiety is through self-work, analysis, pause for reflection, and prayer.

And it’s never once been easy.  As much as my Life gets better, it seems a challenge arises to test my ability to deal with Life on the daily, else feel tormented on the nightly.

That’s probably all good and hypothetical, JMAW, but seriously, stress happens.  Yes it does, but we can be honest with ourselves by looking at what is going on and realize, Life is a process, a continual process of growth and evolution.  And if we nurture ourselves enough, we can start to identify what matters.

Perhaps that is the purpose stress really serves.  When there is a whole sh!t ton of bullsh!t to filter through and flush in consciousness, what actually means something, to you.  When you start to approach Life in this fashion, you stop asking ‘How do I pay for this?’ or ‘Why don’t they like me? and start to ask important questions:

Does it matter what people outside of our circle think?  Does it matter what possessions we have?  Does it help to focus on the pressure we feel by focusing on something in our mind?

Answers to that could vary.  And that’s okay too because we are all made differently.  Take 45, it’s apparent it matters what folks think about him.  But that’s just where dude is at in the Stream of Consciousness.  I don’t advocate or approve of dude by that statement, but the extreme example he presents is one that Life has given for us to learn from.

And sometimes I feel like Life gives more questions than it does answers and in pockets of my Life (mostly related to work and finances), I have felt more stressed than ever recently.  But deep down, I know none of that matters because I’m on a Journey through the Stream of Consciousness and being awake in that is realizing I’m being taken on a trip.  And going back to what might not make sense to anyone but me, I’ll be okay because I’m okay now, as I am, event with the stress factors in my Life.

Nothing is writ other than Death and perhaps Fate. 

But both are in the Hands of God and those are pretty good Hands to be in.  As we’ve walked and walked and walked through each of these manuscripts my Friends, I still don’t know what’s to be.  But it’s cool, because I really am okay, as flawed and fucked up as I am, I am okay.  And that women, men, little bitty children, dogs and cats, is what Mindful Living, is really about.

To see and be.

Aloha – We Out.

Roll Credits.

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