#DropTheMic – The New Mix

Writing is a peculiar beast.

Whenever I finish a project, or a series of projects, I tend to feel like that’s it, I’m over it.  To date, I’ve published 12 books and after finishing 12, Aloha Harder – To Live and Love Fully, I thought to myself, alright, I have more one project in me then I’m just going to focus on curating and editing an anthology.  This past weekend that one project became three separate projects.

Imagine that?  As I said, writing is a peculiar beast.  I have really hated it from time to time but recently, I find it to be one of the most rewarding practices in my Life.  And by that, I mean all of it.  I simply LOVE all of it.  I love being inspired and creating.  I love reading.  I have begun to love the editing process.  I love book formatting. I love publishing.  I love talking with people about writing.  I love the learning that all of the above has gifted me.

Perhaps it isn’t just writing that is the peculiar beast.  Rather it’s Life that’s the peculiar beast.  I don’t know who, what, where, why, and when but I have a good feeling.

And for that.  I am most grateful.

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