#DropTheMic – The Saga Continues

“If you know, you know” ~ Pusha T

If you’ve read this before, forgive me:

I thought I was done writing.

You can read about my first retirement from writing (or was it the Psychic game, or both?) in my first book, Adventures in Urban Mysticism, AUM Vol. 1: Rebirth.  Perhaps because I feel connected and isolated from that work (due to publishing elements), it’s propelled me to continue creating.

Because on the real:

I only planned to write three books.  Pau.

Three volumes. One series. Sayonara.

Yet, here we are, back to #DropTheMic, after two seasons of #JWadingThroughTheStream and watch this year what #AlohaHarder has planned.  God willing, by the end of 2018, we could be looking at 4 stand-a-lones, followed by the compilation, which segues nicely to the Anthology.

I guess it’s true, “If you know, you know.”

To expect the unexpected.

To Flow with the Go.

To Let Go and Let Love.

To Be…


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