I run them

I in them

Win win them


Circling back

Right here

Just can’t escape, so I am back


Back where I started

Yet so far from where I started

Each time I’ve departed

It’s back


Back where I started

“When I look at earlier writing…”

I’ve probably written that too.  I wonder who visits these streets?  To read these words? As I’ve worked to evolve as an artist, it’s hard for me to say goodbye to where it all began.

That’s right here.

The Simple Voice.

A phrase meant to be about listening to the art yet upon further reflection is perhaps that and a bit close to the sun, the Light, the Voice of the One, that can be embraced in Stillness. I don’t know what brought me here to write today.

But here I am, Lord.  

Is it I Lord?

I have heard you, calling in the night.

To any who read that,  I didn’t read your mind.  But God’s got this.

Aloha Harder, Always.

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