D-uh, dumb Shi….

I worry about alot of dumb shit.  I have worked on it, am much better off in terms of my holistic health than different chapters of my life, but I’m still human.  So worries, anxiety, fear, all those type of feels can infiltrate and terrorize the day.

How does one work and move past some such shit?


And dare I say: simplicity.

I spend so much time and energy making life more complicated.  I’m human, we’re great at it, yet as I reflect on the pending outcome of today’s election, more importantly, how one side will feel unheard and disrespected, I feel in my Truth, that the only side is in Spirit, in Aloha, Aloha ke Akua, that God is Love.

Without Love, what are we doing?  Do any of the worries, that anxiety, the trappings of fear, does any of that matter?

I’d say nothing and no.

Nothing and no.

Take a breath, before you step.  Look, listen, or feel for something in your awareness that makes you feel the beauty that is this brief stop in existence.

It’s over in a blink and just like the shit, we’re flushed away into the end.  That is if you live somewhere that has plumbing and water systems in place.  And if you’ve read this far, and you have that, than guess what, you ain’t got shit to complain about, because whatever is bothering you, it’s your own reflection, and you’ve manifested in this world as someone who has so much more than so many others.

Now, ain’t that some shit?!?!

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