Therefore so am I

I’m in my third undertaking of doing the exercises in A Course in Miracles.  Here’s my story.

It’s a struggle in our humanity to constantly remember and embody what the course teaches.

I’ve read teachers such as Marianne Williamson (who if you stumble on this, run as an Independent, please, too many Dems are lining up and it’d be great to have a candidate like you), Dr. Wayne Dyer, and various blogs in the ten years since I began working with A Course in Miracles.

Then there’s my teacher, Adya, who throws out mantras as if they were a part of the course but that she arrives through her own inspiration coming through The Spirit.

What I’m saying is that none of this is new to me. Why then should something I’m familiar with, at times, be so hard?  I have days where I’m on point and feel deeply in tune and connected to The Creator, of which The Spirit be The Hand flowing through each of us.  Then there are days, the same as the course points out, where the moments of the Ego’s noise rumble.

It’s a funny journey we find ourselves upon.  It’s even funnier because I realize how I create, not by design, but by getting on the Ego Line to Nonsense, I create my struggle.

The beauty of struggling with my humanity, stumbling through the Course, is how my awareness is growing through all of it.  How in essence, everything I’m putting out to the Universe, is in fact coming back.

It’s only a matter of time before the abundant vibe of Aloha tips the scale.  Rather, it’s only a matter of time before I win that inner battle because here’s the gist of the course, of Faith, of all of the above:

Love just is, therefore so am I.



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