So, seize the day

I had a conversation a few years back with a former boss about ambition, and lack thereof.  I was trying to understanding my drive to do more, reach more people in a positive way, while also reflecting on what that means from a point of soul + full reflection.

On the one hand, life is all good, if we sit within, and allow the peace of the moment to find us for as much as we are having a Life, Life is having us as a companion on the Journey.

On the other, isn’t it possible that we play some role in what it is that we do and where we are headed?

In regards to the latter question, I don’t really know.

I’m beginning to think, or perhaps, I’m being reminded, yes, let’s go with that, this is like a hike, a hike that will end when it does. Best just enjoy it, because with each new moment, though it’s been a hike for a HOT minute now, each new step is brand new.

So carpe diem friends ’cause whatever will be, will be.

Soul what? Seize the day then!

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