Quite Simply…

My Heart burns.  It burns in a way only the wounded Soul, ethereally burned through a thousand upon thousands of Rebirths in as many lives… The millions upon millions of experiences of Death and Transformation in so many moments, one long moment.  F*ck, my Heart burns.

Enter stage over there, they over there, they, mysterious shades, from a mountain a mile-high walk in, we pow-wow, exchanges of the Spirit most certainly.  It’s not a curse, it’s a gift, she says.  I can still feel the One I once loved sooooo…

much, I reply.  But it’s bigger than just that, that Mirror of experience, gave me the wrenching I needed for the doors to my Heart to fly wide open.

Yet, I can still feel the pain though I don’t know why.  I could always feel it, the pain of those I love, a pain magnified for when One sits in Eternal Love minus Condition for All That Is, One feels the pain of mind.  It’s always burned.  God has soldiers, she says.  You wouldn’t be able to see others so well had you not experienced. Had I not felt as I have.

(A Sigh).  A part of me laughs, so many laughs, not enough laughs because tears, my eyes cry tears though no other can see them.  That matters not for validation I do not seek.  My eyes cry tears though no other can see them…  I feel them.  I feel them burning from the depth of my being.

The pain of separation, duality only pains One so long as the Everlasting Self is denied.  For Truth be told, what I love and have loved in each was not, in All is not separate, it has all been a part within and though each was special in its own way, only I, as a whole being because of All as It is Reflected Before Me and Because of You, You that I see everywhere, You that I always sought to Redeem Me.

We seek God.  We seek Love.  We desire Sacred presence for always in the Infinite Moment.  We this, we that…

God is always there

If only One would look

With the eyes of the Heart,

Listen to the melody that Love sings,

And feel…

Feel, feel, FEEL

That embrace as it sits within,

deep within the moment…

For Always.

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