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JMAW, Founder & Editor


“The Simple Voice is what I view as the Voice of the Heart.  We each have a calling, a mission, a purpose, a Path… Listening to The Simple Voice in your own Heart will guide you there and help in answering that call, serving that mission, fulfilling your purpose, and walking the Path.”  ~ JMAW

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JMAW, The Simple Voice, and all writing by Jason M.A. Walter  – © 2007 – 2013

The Simple Voice of Our Contributors


April Venegas

April is a Southern Gal and began her writing career after leaving her high school sweetheart to start a new relationship with Christ.  Now married to another fella, she finds herself in a new season of life.  April is becoming a Christian Counselor and aspires to publish a book and travel the globe as a Motivational Speaker.  She can be found at www.inthelightoflove.blogspot.com.

All Writing by April Venegas –  © 2013

Aven Grey

All Writing by Aven Grey –  © 2013

Sleep Sunshine

All Writing by Sleep Sunshine –  © 2013

The Soul Samurai

(coming soon)

How about YOUR Voice?!?!?

We’d Love to feature your work and hear from you!  If you are interested in contributing to The Simple Voice, email thesimplevoice @ gmail DOT com for more information!

5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I was delighted to read a selection of your thoughts. You have a great mind. I have no doubts that you can create and sustain a successful line of clothing… when you are ready! In the mean time, I’m sure more people would love to hear you think out loud!!!


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