Slow flow, I’m Gospel

New Age? Nah, Apostle

Can’t fly, Impossible

These emotions, they raw still

Deny pain, too hostile

Chase fame, unsustainable

Embrace gain, preposterous

Release chains, we got this

Step back, watch the shift

Breathe deep, I flow quick

Inhale, that’s next yo

Your Soul, Incredible


rhymes upon rhymes, lines followed by lines, time after time, Alone, time after time, reflecting, writing, dreaming, seeking meaning

all the damn time

if I sound pissed you missed the message: “Wake the ‘Folk’ Up”

A mission, spiritual directive

Freedom for the massive, my only incentive, Fight on, Step Up, Lift Off,


Let’s go! Let’s go! Let


The Sun has risen

All Sing, forgiven

Nothing’s ever missin’

Why you stuck wishin’

Start livin’

Cause our wings, a given’

If you see my eyes just once then my Heart you would know is the same that beats w/in You. Let’s go… Let’s go… LET



Urban Sermons – 2017.06.21

You know when I met you, I thought I met you, but I guess you, I guess you hadn’t yet met you, and once more I was left a mess because my ego couldn’t rest, and that you, that I thought that I knew, was nothing new, nothing more than a projection, my own machination.

This part redacted for family friendly audiences aka bleep me and definitely bleep my imagination when it comes to ego based creation.

It’s not that words can’t dance like hearts, were they only free, problem is the mind’s convoluted, and in hindsight, it’s apparently just me, that felt the Love that we shared deep within the moment, and now I’m alone in seeing what I saw, feeling what I feel, see

Set pen to paper, let these fingers dance upon them keys cause I never knew freedom with you, the only freedom I know, is the freedom,

to be.

So what can I be, than anything less than me?  And anything more, that’s just not meant to be. Now, Let me sing a song or write a verse or two, while you out there grazing, I’m Here & Now gazing, no disrespect, you, this Path is just meant for me.  And, I free you to do you.

So why then, don’t you just let me be?

Enter stage left, The Ego creeps in and is about to get me wrecked.  I’m terrified, I’ve never shied from challenges, and yet,

this one is daunting, the past is over, but why is it so haunting, stop your bleeping shouting, oh great, now you’re pouting, take a drink, then a hit, next morning, my head’s pounding, been sober ever since, but still, here’s my heart, and it’s throbbing.

You see, I sought to make peace, in order to release, yet the anger, it’s a beast, the hurt, it is what it is, but THE ANGER, what a bleep bleep bleeping beast.

And beneath the anger, a beautiful Inner Child cries, in tears, yearning to be set free.  If I can put just anger down to give myself a hug, than at last, at last, at last, I might, just might, be able to breathe.

I believe.

When at last, I might be free.  Then all these years after years, pages upon pages, the musings I’ve had, coupled with reflections of the sages, deconstructing the mystic work of mages, to finally realize, the joke’s on me, cause we live in the ages, where all that’s sacred

is famous!

But what’s famous with the rest, kids?

What’s famous without the lamest?

What’s the rage without our cages?

Plato’s ankle bracelets from the cave posted to the ‘Gram, kids,

check your pocket, purses, wrists and now wa-tch, this.

As I part the veil, never one to sell short, never one to tell the Truth that it’s a lie, the Sun is shining brightly, the weather’s pretty fly.  I might not be rocking Jay’s, but these NMDs give me a Boost and if I’m branding it’s cause the fight on, the fight is on, THE FIGHT IS ON.

And I showed up here for spiritual battle, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but Here & Now, so that as a collective, we might rise above Soul’s Darkest Night.

You see we each occupy an energy that becomes manifest.  And when I saw a real shadow for the first time that led me out the cave, then I finally caught a glimpse of the Sun just rise up past the veil, I took them old projections, gave it a pat on the back and said, oh well  Pulling in all my resources, so that, so that, so that the storm of consciousness could finally rest.

Told the Ego take a knee as I bowed my head and prayed and said thanks for the test, thanks for those blessings, cause nothing’s guaranteed, and then, one day, I got up and out of my way.

So you, you, you, her, him, and that one over there too, if there’s one thing you take away from me tonight, let it be this:

The only scrap that matters is the one that’s for your Soul.  Put down your phone for a second, let your eyes adjust to know. Listen up for for Love’s sermons as they permeate the air, open your ears, listen close and you’ll find Love near always, for every time the wind brushes aside your hair, the waves crash, the sun rises and sets, it’s all messages just messages in the ether so be aware.

Look at me, I ain’t that young but I’m not that old either.  Yet I spoke, did you listen? If you did, I guarantee there’s something opening, guess what, that’s your Soul, ready to glisten.

So what if the famous are Sacred and the media says this, that, whatever.  All that matters is the moment, and that’s what’s pretty clever.

Freedom is the only thing I’ve felt.  Freedom is the only thing I’ve sought.  Freedom is the only thing worth being free

for. Ever.

Because without that, Love, what’s good with being?

Because without that, Love, what world are we seeing?

Because without that, Love, what messages are we hearing?

Because without that, Love, are we really, believing?

This cycle can go on, and on, and on, for only so long, before this Flesh gone, so Light up before it’s too long, Light up before it’s too long, Light up before the Soul moves


And my time is up.

2017.06.19 – Rumbling

I filled pages and pages and with the musings of sages, then the rantings of rages, followed by the discoveries of mages, all the while wondering, will I collect wages

for this work?

The prophet is never loved in her homeland, the prophet is never loved in her homeland, the prophet is never loved


Pools of tears, they degraded, years and years, the hold of fears, its cries too long filled my ears, when at last

I just stopped caring.

Freedom is the only thing I’ve felt.  Freedom is the only thing I’ve sought.  Freedom is the only thing worth being free


Because without Love, what’s good with being?

Pages and pages, years and years, for all’s I know more years in my rear view than ahead, and that’s what’s up with having a

clear view.

The prophets have long passed.  Messages built for time, they never last, for humanity is too quick to clasp on to what

no longer serves.

This cycle can go on, for only so long, before this Flesh gone, so Light up before it’s too long, Light up before it’s too long, Light up before the Soul moves


On Pain

And then one day, the crowd asked, “Delta, speak to us of pain.”

Delta smiled, the Light of the Sun reflecting in his eyes: There are only two greater teachers than Pain, Love and Death.  But it is through Pain that both fulfill their greatness.

Pain comes in many forms but as the Sun shines so bright, I shall merely share two –

The pain we experience, and,

The pain we cause,

The first is a matter of life. A passing, a toll paid for being.  The second is that which we rage upon the world.  Worse, on ourselves.

It is through Pain that Love guides me to someday meet Sweet Death, embracing the fullness of each breath, as each moment I am left with one less.

It is from Pain that I understand the need for compassion.  And that begins within.  Heal the Sacred Wounds of Shadows, release the Sacred Tears as they Flow, then suffering from the teachings of Pain will release.

And you Friends, shall be set Free.

Aloha ‘Oe

This past week I said Aloha to my Teacher, who called me her Teacher, when we first met seven years ago.  She has been my guide, my friend, my hanai Grandma, and never have I encountered someone who was able to speak at such depth about the spiritual journey.

She was the Light I needed at the time we connected and in the time since I’ve worked hard on growing and developing in Spirit and Faith.  It’s kind of crazy to look back on because it was so long, at times felt like wandering in the Darkness on Faith alone.  I knew I felt something that I couldn’t understand, there was this feeling of connection to something so much Greater that I believed to be real but no one could really explain it or relate to it.  So I just kept praying and trusting.

Then I met Adya and wow, almost seven years later, that time flew and oh, what I’ve learned and what Faith has confirmed.

“They say it’s time for me to go Dear, so you can get out there and start speaking.”

I have written forever, or as long as I can recall, but in the past 10 years, speaking on what I believe, what I feel has increased, has become natural.  I cannot help it.  In many ways, I think my fears surrounding it are dissolving with each breath.

I feel in knowing, what it is that is flowing forth from my Heart to share with the world.

Today a colleague of mine shared that I reminded him of his Dad, who began to get into his spirituality at the age of 27.  Before that, he remembers his Dad as an angry young man.  Sounds very familiar to me and that age is when I jumped haphazardly into embracing my Journey.

“You’re on The Journey, Dear.”

And I’ve been terrified, often, even when Light came in to illuminate the Path.  But I’ve never stopped working at it.  I have sought meaning over the last decade because chaos is largely unfulfilling.

Fulfillment has value.

It doesn’t always make sense in any given moment but it’s worth so much I’ll never be able to describe it.  That’s how vast Love, and God is.  I’m not perfect, I’m flawed, but there’s one thing this Life has demonstrated time and time again, that is probably the greatest teaching Adya ever shared with me:

“God Loves Me, EXACTLY As I AM.”

I shall miss my friend, but I’m grateful Life has seen me fit to grow me further, “to walk deeper into knowing God and Love.”  And I’m stoked that the Love I have long felt in my Heart, reveals Itself on the daily.

Art Like a Blaze Sparks Eternal Grace

It was art

from the start
I felt it in my Heart
like a blaze of Light in the Dark
Grace, the Eternal Spark
Now I’m lit
with the Spirit
Listen close, Love
Do you hear it?
Can you feel it?
It was art
from the start
paint on canvas from the Ark
of the covenant, no more
Floods, famine, or destruction
For we are Creation, Love
We are the Bearers of
His Light
We can take this Lamp
Shine it bright
Release the pain
No more Inner Fight
Cause our Love
is His Love
It has been since the start
I felt it then, feel it now,
Like a blaze of Light Guiding my Heart
Through the Dark
Your Grace, the Eternal Spark