Pyongyang Stylee

Wrote this a few months back when the chatter of N. Korea started to escalate.  As it now intensifies, it seems appropriate to share.  

No matter what happens, May we let our laughter stay go hea now, cause when our smiles shine shine, ain’t no better time! #AlohaHarder 

Where you stay now

Where you wen stay

The day the bombs

Wen pop pop

The day the sky

Wen ashen grey


Where you stay go

Where you wen stay

Wen the children

Wen cry cry

The day the bombs

Wen drop drop


Where we stay now

Where we gon’ stay

Wen the fire’s just an ember

The day wen maybe the Darkness

Smother smothers


Again & again

Propaganda make We sick


Where we stay go

Where we wen stay

The Night

The Light

Wen breakthough

Sparking hope

Eh, We get one brand new day


I go tell you what

I wen stay, I wen go, I go stay here


Go Now –

Light up, Light up!


Bradahs, Sistahs, All Keiki O Ka `Āina

Now it’s time to let

Our laughter stay

Our laughter go


Cause wen our smiles

Shine Shine

Ain’t no better time,


Where you stay go, where you wen stay…

Urban Sermons – Words

Who you callin’ a bitch?
The Queen asked in the anthem

So why? Why’d you say that? Was that even a joke? Your inflection and that tone, you didn’t think I would question?

But for real, Friend, we friends right? Who you callin’ a bitch? And again the real question, is why?

Es-pecially you, someone who knows that words, words, WORDS hold

So, Much, Power

I got another question followed by more questions, why we act so unconscious when in fact we are conscious?

Why do we ignore people who give of themselves to us? Take them for granted?

Are our selfish asses, that self-important, it justifies indecent actions, unthoughtful words, just general disrespectful behavior?

I’m breaking character for a minute because there is something I want to say, though this was inspired one day by a friend calling me a bitch as I walked away, out of earshot, which in turn made me feel disrespected for some reason, that isn’t the point of this journey we are on right here, right now that I am leaving you with bc All of this above I have done myself and experienced from both sides of the mirror, words I said, words said to me, someone who flows a great many words:

It has been said to think before you speak

With that, we back

Words have power

Words have consequences
Words are heard For
Words once released can never be returned
So often we think they aren’t
But you never know who is listening

But I will tell you this
The Creator and The Universe
They hear it

Each and every word
The negative thoughts, our fears, the untruths that we SPEAK

And despite the abundance and love our souls seek, irregardless of the beauty that we MEET

In each moment, when we speak and give energy and attention to words, words, words

They come to life

Stupid kid
Shut your mouth boy
Fucking Bitch


So many words, too many words, thrown around without the care, minus the compassion that created and still nourishes us

every breath, step, heart beat


And words once given, who knows what they then become to the ones we give them too…

Fuck, I’m so dumb, I’m not good
I could never do that,
Just a piece

of shit

Why am I here?
What is the point of my life?
I should just die already…

Fuck that person and their happiness


So many words, they fly out of our mouths like darts leaving cuts, cuts become wounds, wounds that fester, festering leading into infection, infections that pollute, pollution that destroys, destruction



And I unto Death we march

I marvel at the fact that humanity has such power, we hold in each choice and word that we speak to create or destroy our shared experience

My life was always blessed, but it was my selfish ass, my own hurt, hurt that poured out of me, that needed to be destroyed in order to heal



Words… I am speaking these words to you, here tonight so that in that next fight, you stop, stop before you speak, because words can be forgiven if you are fortunate, yet they truly are never forgotten, and you never know the journey of another, unless you share their feet

Think about your own hurt, is that what you seek to create in the lives of those you meet

I have said many things, many things that can never be taken back, I have lashed out from the fury, only to release that pain on others, and thus be held further back

Words… words… words…

Choose your words because those who hear them, most of all our loved ones, make a choice to love us, some day someone might come along who don’t believe what hostility pours out because they realize how important it is to choose to love within too, and they be the ones who leave you, not because they don’t love you, you don’t love you, then all you have left are the ones who hold you down, who make the choice but have no choice bc they see beyond

Beyond words

Words, words, words and the pain they come from

Those special ones who still find reason to keep on loving you, despite the fact that you don’t really love you, do you

I remember telling my Dad once how much I Loved and admired him, then he stopped me, and he told he wasn’t ready to hear that

Can you imagine that? What world do we live in that our women, our men, can’t even take love when it is given from those closest, from those who they love without fail

It’s no wonder we call each other bitches in every arena we go

Words, so many words

Too many words thrown around carelessly we are so desensitized the phrase locker room talk and what it represents is justifiable enough to not stand in the way of an election

What happened to dignity? Where the fuck is respect? We’re out here fighting wars on foreign soil just distractions from where The enemy first plants, where the battles rages each day we come in contact with what we are first, Human Beings, experienced through ourselves

Words, silly words, sad words.

Oh well, it was a joke right?

That gets a pass doesn’t it? Hear this in all caps.


Just words. Who cares.

Soul Surfin’

It is in feeling that we relate for we are never too late, it is in feeling, that we arrive, exactly by design

Cause He heard our Hearts cry out that’s why I’ma shout until my Soul’s Light burn out:

Let’s go, let’s go, let Love, let go
Come Now, we go

The prison of our minds are just one feature of this vessel but it’s the Soul that guides should we just align, so please, trust, and let’s go, let’s go, let Love

Let go and Let’s ride on the waves from and off into eternity for eternally, we, we, we are meant to be in total Harmony

These shadows we see are not the full reality, they are but one small piece of The Truth as Love,

Love just for we and All that Be, from the space within to the space in between, this is just miracle after miracle, all throughout Creation,

Let’s go, let’s go, let Love, let go
Come Now, we go, go, go!
You feelin’ me?

Urban Sermons – Both Sides of the Mirror

I opened up my Apps
To pull up some maps today


“Pack up
Don’t stray”

I remember the first time you packed your bags, or was it it the third, or the eighth, or shit, after awhile I lost count

“Wait, they don’t love you like I love you”

All those times it didn’t matter cause it was the anger, the anger inside her, the anger that spoke to me, that brought me back to that same anger inside me, when I stormed out, threw the cash on the table and left a different you, at another time, the only common denominator in both situations was this incarnation of the Soul, witnessing anger, such furious anger, masking the hurt buried within, from both sides of the mirror.

So that really does mean

“My kind’s your kind
I’ll stay the same”

I remember the one time, not sure which time it was, when you were drunk, so drunk and cursed me up and down in public, screamed and shouted, about the only thing you didn’t do was hit me physically, I mean you threw a lei at me, not even the lei that I had gotten you earlier that day but that is a different story, from another time, another life, so many lives we can live within one, single lifetime in this one long moment, but hey, you didn’t hit me with them fists, just words, so many words, poisonous as though they flowed forth from the tongue, like that of a serpent whose fangs laced with venom had poisoned my own veins.

I knows this because I recognized that venom from my own words, the words I couldn’t take back, that came from hurt, clothed in anger,

causing even more hurt, to those I loved as I had said them from the other side of the mirror

“Oh say say say
Oh say say say”

And The look, in her eyes, someone I said I had loved, as she recoiled at my own words, the poison of my hurt flowing in my voice, a voice carrying so much emotion that knowing better, from the emotional verbal fear I had experienced earlier myself, yet unable to help myself I lashed out for the pain in my being at that time, the separation from One Being, was, too much, too much,

Too fucking much for this poor Soul to carry, weighing heavy on the shell of my Heart until it broke wide open, so wide, so open, that I sought in order to find and NOW hear I am and all I have been hopin is unfolding and I look back at each piece, of the puzzle that like yeah yeah yeah these maps that have guided me to Love, Love fully in every moment, to here this very day, tonight, to stand and proclaim



Haunting memories past seep back in, I can’t regain that flow I was on can I, wait yes where was I

anger, despair, no hope! be aware

Be here now, advice from the cover and contents of a book written from the mind of one who’d cooked, no coked, no wait, a mind high up on something

Now I am off topic, or Am I not right here now, being, breathing, believing in hope that y’all here hearing this,

Y’all might start seeing the gift in each and every occurrence in our lives, that we might rise, that we might raise more than just out glasses, that we raise up our consciousness to such great heights that perhaps, not alas, but yes indeed, we might see, from eyes mirrored three, to gaze so deeply into Life and live authentically, with passion, that we heal

That the anger from both sides of the mirror Be but illusion to the Truth of such LOVE clutching us, relentlessly

Telling us in every second of this performance that is each life, that each of you is the star in, that if we took you out and played your life back like a film reel, it’d be just some recurring characters and stories that don’t make sense because you are that important that is why The Creator in every second of existence be like

Wait, they don’t Love you like I love you

Because nothing is like the Love found deep within the Spirit

Listen close, Love, do you hear it?

Can you feel it?


You will.

They don’t love you like I love you


You will feel it.


Listen Love

You feel it?

Close your eyes, feel my voice, as you hear the words, that We say, for there is more in them, than just a man, who stands here before you today sharing the lessons of his past hurt, his own flaws, in reflection of the whole view from both sides of the mirror


There is Truth bursting through the ether because Love wants you, wants you to know that Love is always near

So let go, let go, let’s go
Because the time to be released from the hurt has arrived and guess what, it was always here and on some level this you already know…

Oh say say say
Oh say say say (start whisper)
Oh say say say (lower)
Oh say say say (lower)

You already know the view from both sides of the mirror


Psalm 65:8

Those who live at the ends of the earth
    stand in awe of your wonders.
From where the sun rises to where it sets,
    you inspire shouts of joy.

Urban Sermons 2017.07.04 – Spiritual Independence Day

“Who got the vibe? It’s The Tribe y’all”

On the speaker y’all, As I stand tall

Despite All, This weight on my shoulders

That’s been beating me down

The worst bit of it is from and because

My Ego is legit

A cold-ass mother fucker

But eh, I cannot stress

It’s All Good, I can rest

The changes

The variety ranges

So many cages

And you wonder why I rages

Wonder why I rages

I rages

As the tide shifts, I be the one that lifts

The collective over the rift

What can I say, curse, nah, my gift

Awe shift…

Next track, “I suck at love, I think I need a do-over.” Raps Hova

“What’s your hardest vice to give up?” She asks me next.

Rolling the dice, when it comes to my Life, is perhaps then, my biggest vice…

Quit drinking?

Brah, that’s just for leisure.


Nah, that’s never been my scene.

Rock n Roll?

Not quite my style either.

What then?

I guess that means temptations, but before that let me digress

Cause when I was still small kid kine

Alls I wanted was just a One

Then Life unfolds, Truth be told

Truth be told, Life just unfolds

Never thought I’d be this Old, when my name was just Young

Couldn’t see beyond age 23, when in July, Spirit spoke to me, and

Ever since, ever since that premonition haunts me

Forty years or so

Before you begin to wonder

If it’s your time to go

And if your work here is done…

And since that ever since, the clock, it ticks, the clock talk: ticks.

I’m about a third through, two thirds left, I thought you knew, that’s why you’re gathered here right? To hear from The Prophet, before they slit his throat some night.  No, Jay! No, not Here, not in this Life.  No my Teacher said, they not gone lynch ya.  Some will say, the color of skin, it will protect you, but that don’t mean shit to you because you’ve hated this color ever since, yeah? Isn’t that part of the reason you colored over it, to tell the story that speaks from your Soul?  Kinda but not really…

Fuck you haole!

I cannot even begin to say

That’s not your Mom, Larry.

My Dad shared once to me, they told me she wasn’t my Grandma, guess things don’t change much now do they

This racial hurt, divides too many

Tell me who, what, where, when, why, how

Can we overcome such inequity?

Forty years left, oh if only it was 40 ounces, though about two-thirds through that, it wouldn’t be so cold, in fact, it would be warm and bitter.  Is that what I’ve got to look ahead to? Is that the meaningless Life of a Sinner?

Which segues nicely back to the Flesh and my biggest vice, where I’m weak, though I know better, shit, when within, Inner Child rises up each moment, cheering, no, not this Life, not this time, we’re all Here & Now to be Winners.

“Fuck all this pretty shit my name is” Jay, as Hova continues.

If you know, me, then you know I wear black to cover the blood on my sleeve

From this Heart that beat-beats

Roll the dice? Nah, I’m a beast mode, enter cheat codes, take the Ego out and cheat its slow suffering march to Death.  Live fully, each day, until I’ve no more work left.

Live Life fully, that We can truly

See, the Love, that exists, free

From judgment as The Creator

Intended for We

Set We Free

Cause We the People, The Power is the People, and We All meant to be

Liberated! Liberated!


What a Dream!  And I’m The Dream Pusher

And this is Prophecy.

Are you ready to take a hit

Of my words? Just one get your Ego faded Here,

Give some time for Spirit, Lift ya up, Now.

feel elated.

Fear the Unknown.

Nah, that tagline’s dated.

Just one hit of my words,

Get you Lifted. So Bless up.

Let’s all get faded on that Spiritual

Take a trip

It’s the only essence really real

Let’s get lifted up on the Spiritual

It’s the only high that gives you wings

Now Fly

Let’s elevate our consciousness

It’s the only way to heal the mass that”s why

Let’s Love with our Hearts so Free, So Free

It’s the only way to live,  Now

“I’m your Pusha”

It’s time we grind,

Who’s feeling me?