A Poetic 45 – Week 03

Merely week three, and already so, so much to see, how could this, how could this be? Click, click, click, just too many darn stories of tales, even for a reader and writer of words just like me!

I feel for 45, yes, I really do. Now I don’t always agree with things he has said or done, that is certainly true.  But there is so much opposition to each and every one of his positions, that it seems as though no one is really even ready to listen.

And that is concerning, especially for those yearning, for the sun to shine over a new connected and collective morning.

They say this post is one you learn and grow into.  I hope Mr. 45 that some day you find a brand new, a brand new,

a brand new…


A Poetic 45 – Week 01

A week in, a weak one, and here we are, oh look, radiating sun

The Earth turns upon Axis, once more, has it won, and yet neither here nor there will we be, until the death of this sun

So small, is each life, so vast, why build strife?  Why build walls?

What point is it to divide?  To conquer?  Questions I ask, yet so many questions, I myself have failed to ask and live so who I am, when in a way, I have also lied, in essence create divide?

Protagonist in chief, no antagonistic thief, media thievin’ ya, but when governance fails to uphold the standard of human decency, who is it, brother, oh sister, that be deceivin’ ya?

Who is it that be deceivin’ ya?

A week in, a weak one, and here we are, oh look, radiating sun…