The Sky

Let me be
As open as the Sky
To take in all that world gives
Always there
Through the dark
With the light
Let me be
As open as the Sky



the sting of the salt water
so pure
such a sensation
permeates my being
unites with my essence
there really was no separation
the drop was always a part of the ocean

Favorite Color

“What is your favorite color?”
She asked me with a smile
I squinted my eyes deep in thought
That of the setting sun
“That’s not a color”
She laughed
Oh but it is
“It’s more than one, what is your favorite”
A pause, slight tilt of the head, a grin
It is all the colors rolled into one
That is color of the setting sun
The whole experience it creates


The calm flow
It’s bliss
I chose to miss
Each day
Overlooking that
Which always is

Sun Chasers

(In progress, please comment so I can develop further. Mahalo!)

There once lived a boy who loved the ocean, everything about it. It was a lifestyle to him. He tried everything: body boarding, surfing, paddle boards, canoe paddling, fishing, diving, and so on. As much as he loved the ocean and all it’s activities, it didn’t necessarily love him. As a bodyboarder he couldn’t really duck dive. When he surfed or paddled he easliy lost his balance. He could paddle, but his team never plugged him in the power positions. When he fished the fish all seemed to go away and when he dove, well let’s just say he couldn’t really hold his breath.

The only thing he could really do well was swim, and even then that was a challenge. It took work for him. So as he grew, he gravitated towards solely swimming. It was just something about the ocean, it’s mana, it’s peace, it’s aloha filled him and embraced him all at once.

His friends would tease him because he loved the ocean so much and couldn’t do anything else well. They would say things like: “What kine local you? No can surf… No can body board… no can fish… So sad bra!” At first these words hurt, after awhile they stung, it wasn’t long before he grew numb. He grew so numb that he began to go into the ocean less and less. He sadly walked away…

The boy became a young man and it’d been years since he’d felt the sand beneath his feet. Decades since the ocean wrapped him up in its loving vibrations. He had moved on to school, then college, now working a 9 to 5. Day in and day out. He’d been happy at times. But nothing ever compared to what he felt when he stepped into the water. When he glided along. He missed his friend, the ocean was his family.

One day he received a call that an old friend, a hanai uncle, had passed on too early. The memorial service was to be a spraying of ashes to to sea. He was hesitant to go but he wished to remember his fallen uncle. He reached the beach around the setting of the sun, when the service was to be held. Many of the people who would have been there before were gone, the various enterprises of life pulling them away. All that attended were uncle’s daughter, and he young son. They quietly said hello and remembered the man who’d been the link in their lives up until this day.

His ashes were sprayed as the sun began to fall. He began to say his goodbyes when he saw the boy and his mother walk to the ocean. They motioned for him to come and he followed, hesitantly. His feet touched the water and…

“you’ll never catch the sun. if that’s what you believe. i have to at least try. in trying i will do. i chase the sun because i am a part of it’s light. i wish to rejoin it.”

these words echoed in his dreams…

Beyond I Stop

Note: I wrote this about two years ago and share it because I really like it. While it may no longer apply, it shows me where I have been. I have come to realize that we do not have to stop or lose ourselves in something so much that our dreams, that peace, is no more. Perhaps pause once in awhile in place of stopping. A brief respite here and there can be good along the journey.

Beyond I Stop

The sound of birds reached for beyond

Along with my ears, my eyes, my being 

Would travel

On this day

To lay my head on a bed

Of cotton, wood, stone, or earth

Is what I’d long dreamt
And always I stopped for her

Today she is my love

As she was long ago

And will be in years to come
Yet each time I stop I lose myself,

My peace, my dreams
I no longer know

Flowing water soothes as I write

A moment of peace finally have I tonight

But it will stop as it did before

Soon, it will be no more

Because I’ve always stopped for her