The Maxims of Delta, the Second Verse

Something only has meaning if one gives it meaning. Give meaning to something positive.
Believe that you can do the impossible. As children, we fell many times before even standing. And then we fell again. Stand back up. Don’t give up.
Nothing is random. The weird coincidences (coinkydinks) are not coincidence. Life is speaking to you. Listen to what it’s saying.
Everything happens for a reason. These are parts of a lesson. Ever notice repeat lessons. Ask oneself what the lesson is and what one is doing for the lesson to repeat itself. Master the lesson.

Help others. Recognize when you can and cannot. Remember, a person can only be helped if s/he wishes to be.

Talk to the earth. It’s connected to you and hears you. Everything is connected. Particles of stars make up who you are. You return to the earth. The earth will one day pass. Your physical essence will carry into something else.
Nurture your spirit. Run, surf, breathe, eat, whatever it takes, find what it is that nurtures your spirit. We all have different vehicles that will take us to that place. And difference is amazing.

We are all looking at the same picture. Our different values and experiences contribute to a different interpretation and explanation of the same picture. That does not make any one interpretation than another. They are all unique. That is what makes life beautiful.


The Maxims of Delta…

The Maxims of Delta…

Throw away the shackles inhibiting the change you desire to manifest in life. They only exist if you accept them.

Personal and social change begin when you choose for them to happen. After making that choice life works with you to accomplish change.

Do not fear. Fear hinders the natural flow of living. Fear leads to illogical behavior.

Allow for change. Change at times seems to be negative. Change the perspective from one of fear to one of self-love. Think of change as growth. As children we wanted to grow and to know. As adults we’ve grown complacent, we no longer desire to change.

Recapture the excitement of the simplicity within each moment. As children something so small as finding a pin can bring joy.

Recapture the awareness we had as children. Children live and breathe life. Many of us live and breathe the thoughts that we have overanalyzed. We are lost in thought. Thought is good. It is bad when it prevents us from experiencing the simple joy within in each moment.

No need to wait.

Chance ‘um, the time, your time, all time is now.

Delta on Visualization

Believe in that visualization

Ask the Universe for help and

Set forth on Your journey

The time is now

The thinking there is always tomorrow

Will lead you forty years from tomorrow

With the lingering questions and with regret

It is not tomorrow

It is today

It begins now

Peace be the journey.

Real Local Kine Hero Flashback Pt. 3

*The last flashback:

ho bra, welcome back, once we again we get inspiration fo write. primo brings to you…
real local kine heroes…

here’s to you guy on top da internet dat make up all da chain letters. some of make us laugh, some of um make us all boo hoo, some of make us chee heeee, and den get the one’s where you like broke da screen cause you wen fall fo anotha one and gotta do something cause you no like bad luck, whateva da reason tanks fo making us think. so we going salute you fo whateva our reason, cause we happy, sad, or we like broke your ass. here’s to you mystery chain letter peopo.

real local kine heroes…

Real Local Kine Hero Flashback Pt. 2

*Another Real Local Kine Hero Classic:

So I’ve been seeing choke of these “here’s to the nice guy” bulletins and blogs on top myspace or inside email. Well like I said da last time, what if Primo brought to you…

Real local kine hero…

Eh, bra why you such one nice guy? You too nice sometimes but you know wot? We like raise one glass, one bottle, one whateva to you, da nice bradah who everytime get one problem all da wahine know dat dey can come to dis kane cause uncle goin take care and do wot is dat, oh yeah he listen, he not goin try make all da kine da kine wit dem. So anyway, here’s to you bradah who take care of da sad wahine mo bettah den da bradah dat like one shark waiting fo one kill in da water and den makes all smooth and springs on the sad wahine. We salute you bra cause you filled with aloooooooohaaaaaa. Shoots den.

Real local kine hero…

~ This ad should be brought to you by Primo but it’s not cause ahdunno and is solely the creative property of me dat wen write um. So no steal um you punks or else… Nah, I filled with aloha too, just no steal um, or if you do make money give me some too for the idea, shoots den.

Real Local Kine Hero Flashback

*This was the first ever Real Local Kine Hero that I ever wrote:

You ever hear those Budweiser we salute you commercials. I come up with like eight a day, anyway, I think Primo should make one gargantuan kine come back and buy the rights to do it local style. I hear um now…

Real local kine hero.
Kid riding bike with his body board in between the handles and holding the handles wit both handles, we salute you, not cause you old enough for drink, but by you doing dat, we can be entertained while we drink. Tanks eh. We going raise our bottle and give you one salute then shotgun um.

Real local kine hero.

Note- thanks to the kid who was riding his bike back from one of the beaches and he had his body board all slick in between da handle bars. Coming soon we going salute his partnah, kid riding skateboard while holding his surf board.


delta thought:

i feel as though my time has come
the wave i ride is the one to be a part of
yet a part of me is tired
a part of me is weak
i suppose it is the balance of life that
allows me to see both sides
forcing me to choose the middle
my path, to walk through the fire and the ocean
all at once
i will never lay down my sword as it is only mine to wield
to light
thus spoke delta