Real Local Kine Hero Flashback

*This was the first ever Real Local Kine Hero that I ever wrote:

You ever hear those Budweiser we salute you commercials. I come up with like eight a day, anyway, I think Primo should make one gargantuan kine come back and buy the rights to do it local style. I hear um now…

Real local kine hero.
Kid riding bike with his body board in between the handles and holding the handles wit both handles, we salute you, not cause you old enough for drink, but by you doing dat, we can be entertained while we drink. Tanks eh. We going raise our bottle and give you one salute then shotgun um.

Real local kine hero.

Note- thanks to the kid who was riding his bike back from one of the beaches and he had his body board all slick in between da handle bars. Coming soon we going salute his partnah, kid riding skateboard while holding his surf board.



delta thought:

i feel as though my time has come
the wave i ride is the one to be a part of
yet a part of me is tired
a part of me is weak
i suppose it is the balance of life that
allows me to see both sides
forcing me to choose the middle
my path, to walk through the fire and the ocean
all at once
i will never lay down my sword as it is only mine to wield
to light
thus spoke delta


When I feel alone
I look to the stars
See them, my friends, all there
Watching, living, being
And I remember who I am

There are times
When life is heavey, I hang my head
I look at the sky, take it all in
Taking me in
I pick up my head and
Remember my dreams

Many a time
I have been lost in thought
Forgetting all that is
All that will be
The breeze hits my face
A nudge here, a slap there
I awake from my stupor

The time
That transcends time
Is always
Life helps us to recall this

The Energy of Being

The ocean embraces me
Land at my back
Lightly the air brushes my face
The sun, such mana
Courses through me
The energy of being

Ten Minutes

I saw something there
You know,
That saying,
The eyes,
Windows to the soul

Her eyes sparkled,
It was hard to look away
The conversation danced
I didn’t want it to end
Her smile was warm
I felt her sincerity

She said she loved but she wasn’t in love
I told her she’d always love
By then, I was so caught in her essence
I forgot to share that we’re meant to love
We all love, for always, and will do so again

It was funny
The tug of fate
Pulling at me from all ways
Now, it could just be
That those ten well-spent minutes,
Were all we were meant to share

While it seems too short,
If that’s all we ever have,
Such a brief amount of time
That in itself is worth it,
I saw something there

Mahalo ke Akua

Big Sad, Yet Happy, Eyes

The father scooped up
His young son in his arms
Much like he always did
When his son was playing
Well into the hours of morning
Only this time was different
He rocked the little boy back and forth
He gazed deeply
Into his son’s
Big sad, yet happy, eyes
To his son he said,
“You be good boy.”
As he always did
“You take care Mommy.”
And his son always would
“And no matter what”
His voice cracked
“Daddy always love you.”
A pause
“Daddy is always,”
A tear
“With you.”
He held the boy tight
The little one drifted off
Fighting sleep
With those same big sad, yet happy, eyes.
Those same eyes forever in a father’s heart.

Learning to Remember

A voice spoke
That in this life
There are two types of people
Those who are here to Learn
And those who are here to Remember
The Learners are newer souls
Still Adapting and taking in the cycle of life
They hurt, they flounder, but they are love
Those that Remember,
The older souls
Are chosen to recognize and
To recall each lesson
They hurt as well, sometimes too deeply
Love being their only guide,
All that the intrinsically know
In doing so
They have the ability to transcend the cycle
Are here to guide, help, wholly love
To serve
All that is
For they have been here before
Perhaps many times
It is there duty to push forward
Rise above
Be the light
That we can learn
Is really found within
You are the Light
Filled with Love
This you have Learned
It is meant to remember