Try Look Inside

The Swell Flows Within

Bra, the swells out there
Try look um
Dey would say
Or, it’s coming

I wen watch fo um
Try fo see, yeah,
But I was always off
Or da wave wen crumble early

Den dis one time I got dirty lickings
And da waves was manini
I wen tink
So shame, Dis not fo me

But I wen keep looking out there, uh
At da horizon
Thinking I no ca see da waves
But watch, one day is going to be da day

Wen really
I was riding
Da the wave

Before I eva knew
How fo swim
And I eva knew
What wave fo catch

To think
I thought I needed one killah board
Or that I was da only local
Dat neva belong in da ocean

Wen really
I was meant to look inside
To see
What was always there

To see dat all along
I was paddling,
Neva even need one board
Catchin wave afta wave

Livin inside da swell
One with da universe
Da swell flows within, bra,
And lives in all kine creation

Mahalo ke Akua


Mahalo ia`oe Lili`uokalani

Mahalo ia `oe Lili`uokalani

Your vision of Aloha
For your home
For all people
Remains alive

Though to some the sovereignty of a Kingdom,
The birthright of all Hawaiian people has been forgotten
And to many, the truth has never been known

To others, it has been trampled by
The rape of a culture
Ignorance of discrimination
The pain is all too real
The Mana drifts out with the tide
Leaving us with more the essence
Rather than the entirety
Of Aloha

A Kingdom stolen,
Yearning to be being restored
A People torn apart
Forgetting the Hawaiians that
You knew, you loved,
You served with your guidance

Great Queen, your dream was one
Not far from that of a man named King
You saw people of all denominations
You loved and accepted all
Imagine, the whole world as Hawaiian

We will never know
How much this, Hawai`i, meant to you
We will never know the pain
The suffering, the torture
That you were forced to endure
At the hands of greedy narrow-minds

Let colonial historians paint the knock off of reality
As they want
Many know
That you allowed the coup to be bloodless
A cowardly revolt that would have been easily dismissed
Had you chosen to do so

But you chose to act pono
Avoid action that could lead to further consequence
Even though you would never see your efforts come to fruition
Truly noble
Truly a Queen

Your wisdom, your vision, your Aloha
Allow for a Kingdom thought lost,
But really stolen
To some day be restored

In losing what was yours
You fought with hope for it to be ours, your children

Your vision
In which you lived Aloha
Will remain always
For your home
For your people
For Hawaii
Through all time
Mahalo ia`oe Lili`uokalani

Life will continue with each new breath


“Where you from?” is one question we get asked choke times throughout our lives? In Hawaii, that question is either preceded by or followed immediately with “Wot school you went?”

To me, home stay inside. It’s always with me.

My home in the macro sense is Hawai`i, as it’s all I’ve ever known. More importantly, I love Hawai`i. There’s been time where some people never show me love that most locals get because the pigment of my skin is a shade lighter then what we associate with Hawai`i, and as much as that fucked with my head, I was the one that let it. And sadly, I did the same thing, to others who even more so weren’t from here. I wouldn’t change any of that experience because it’s help me to appreciate and understand my essence even more so.

Home in a more micro sense is Hilo. “Hilo’s just a rainy old town, at night I listen to the rain… fall.” I lived Oahu longer than I lived in Hilo but no matter because Hilo gave me it’s calm. There were times I couldn’t wait to leave because when I was more young I had my head stuck up my ass and couldn’t see the world, was always in one rush for do something rather than enjoy where I was. As soon as I left though, I knew that I missed it, that I love it. Every time, no matter the length, going home for me is blessed.

Home in totality for me is the laid back Hilo calm borderline neutrality that no matter where you go and what you face it’s always there to see you through to the end. And, you still get a little kolohe/focka wot kine passion that stirs it up every now and then.

No matter where my journey takes me, whether it be Hawai`i or far away, Hilo is with me, Hawai`i is with me and because of that and so long I neva forget home, paradise, Aloha, is shared with the world.

Small Kine Stories- Da Sand Bah

Ho cuz, when me and my cousins was small keeds, befo I wen move
Hilo, my unco had one boat named afta my Aunty Colly, yeah.  No it wasn’t da Aunty Colly was da Kalina.  Das in Hawaiian.  Eh, shaddup, I telling one story… 

Anyway every weekend, was so fun, well wen neva had rain, we’d go sand bah out
Kaneohe side.  Was da best kine ocean picnic eva:  fried chicken, tuna sandwiches, frozen kine juice drinks in da box o da pouch wit da manini-make-um-shoot all ova da place straw.  Choke memories brah.

Dat was the first time I can remembah takin’ one numba two not in da toilet o in my pants, eh focka, you know wot I mean, I was one small keed and sometimes no could hold um.  No make like neva wen happen to you.  Eh, wotteva…  Whea was I, oh yeah first time I got to wea one life jacket, get da kine burn in da throat cause you jus wen swallow too much watah cause all da adults stay drinkin’ and decide fo play catch wit da keeds cause no moa one ball cause someone wen forget, o at least das how dey tell um, and stay inside da watah so no hurt or sometin lidat.  Stay mess up uh dat kine?

But nah, was full on mean.  Whea else you could go to one all sand beach wit no moa buildings and only da ocean around you?  Unless had da kine da tide way too high days and da sand bah no stay.  Was still dea unda watah but was like goin da shallow part at da beach. 

Nostalgias, bulley!  I tellin’ you.  Nostalgias!  If I eva get keeds, guarans goin have to take um dea, even if I no live dat side or I move back Hilo or wheaeva.  Goin’ be solid and dey goin love um.  Ha, unless we fo’get one beach ball…

Small Kine Stories- Wot!

Da singlest most deadly word in all of modern day
Hawai`i… “Wot!”  No laugh, I stay serious.  You no can argue dat choke fights wen start cause of somebody was giving one odda person stink eye and den said,  “Wot!” probably followed by odda choice explicit kine words.  I bet you wen Kamehameha was one keed, some buggah wen say wot to him.  And brah, da King neva forgot.  He jus wen go right back and give all da islands one big “Wot!” cause he was all piss off.  Kay maybe das goin’ too far…. Eh, no look at me lidat.  Huh, you fricka?  Wot!

Small Kine Stories- Kids Say Da Darned’est Tings

Me and my Fadah was going Holo-Holo, uh, it was like one Satuhday richual. I would get up, watch cahtoons, maybe eat one bowl cereal but probably not cause… we’d always go McDonald’s. Ho bra, McDonald’s breakfast is so cherry! Anyway, we’d go dea and I’d get like one Cinnamon Danish and Beeg Breakfas’ oa Bacon Cheese Beescuit. I was one skinny, eh shaddup I was, anyway, skinny keed too. But yeah, I’d grind all dat, mostly da Danish bra. I not talkin no wimpy cinnamon roll like da kine dey get now. Dose buggahs was huge and ono wit da melted sugah all over. Talk about broke da mouth. Anyway, one day we went drive-thru uh and had one lady and she was supah tan da kine tan dat I goin look like one crab oa firetruck befo I could even get dat dark. So I tell my fadah, “Eh Dad, she get one nice tan.” But eh, I was one small keed kine so I no really rememba wot I said jus dat I rememba Satuhday Holo-Holo Sessions and dis story for some reason. Anyway, da lady was tan cause she was da kine African-Hawaiian uh. Chee hoo! Brah talk about shame when I tink about um now. Eh, she was supah but from wot I can rememba. Guess das why yea, get da sayin’: “keeds say da darned’est tings”.

More Aloha

En light of world events, I like talk stories about Aloha. Even small kine Aloha can go far brah, let me tell you. You might complain fifty kajillion times about dat frickin bugga who wen cut you off on da road or who wen ack dumb but I bet you get sometin small, sometin dat can only be described as feelin like Aloha dat it makes you smile no matta wot. Sheet, can be one small keed smilin o one big hug from a loved one, o dat strangah who just wen hold da door open for you. Woteva it is, you feel its mana, its energy.Aloha can be defined in so many different kine ways that it reminds me of one of dose words like love, peace, freedom, happiness, compassion, and respect. It’s one of dose where you just gotta say, ‘Ho brah, it’s all dee above” and leave um at dat. It stay all encompassing. It simply is. And you know wot, if can just work hardah at livin’ lidat, everyting goin be okay and even get bettah for our future, our children, da whole world ohana.

I not saying dis is da secret to life and blah blah blah cause I no think dea is one secret anymoa. Da world always goin’ have tragedy and tings we no undastand. Das part of da cycle. If we can just have moa Aloha, o whateva it is in your culture, can be bettah. Oddawise you jus goin end up wit some no make sense kine BS jus like wen happen da odda day in Virginia. Sad dat story. Even moa sad is now get all kine high maka maka kine fockas at da universities who make like dey all prepared for someting lidat. No, frick dat bra, dey not. I telling you da overwhelming majority of student affairs kine people and othas in da world of academia is one lost bunch who forgot why dey stay there: da students.

Da same ting can be sed about a plenny politicians o government officials. Dey forgot why dey dea and who dey stay serving: da peopol. But you know wot, it’s not only dea fault. It’s our fault too fo lettin’ dem slip. It’s too many of us who no say nothin o only say um to one point. And den no moa. Da End. All Pau!

So brothas and sistahs, we need to start livin wit aloha, passion, sometin’ cause if not, only goin get moa bleak den how stay already. Da cycle goin continue fo get moa worse. And den wot…

We neva goin’ eliminate all da madness of life. Always goin get challenges, but if we treat ourselves, and everyone else wit one caring Aloha kine attitude, goin be ok, goin be good, goin be great.

Mahalo ke Akua.