Faith in Action


“I am the Way, the Truth and the Light
Come follow me and I will give you rest”

The way is one with the Path, the Truth is Love, which in turn is Light.

Following the Path in such a way reveals the Truth of Love found in all experiences which can only be found or experienced by letting the Light reach the farthest corners of each life.

When Jesus spoke of Faith, he spoke of Belief. Faith at times is convoluted with religion. They are not tied together. One can have Faith and no religion. One can have religion and no Faith.

Humanity minces words when it fails to believe and engages in practices which run contra to the innate loving flow that is inherent in All of Creation and seen when one observes living beings.

When Creation was breathed into existence, it was done so with Love, which was the first born child. The eldest has often the challenge of leading a family and in turn, all that follow have a hard time living up to the first born. Just as Jesus was the first to walk a Path in fullness in attaining full illumination and Siddharta was the first to walk a Path in acceptance, both examples are meant that those to come walk Without question, period.

The walk in Faith is one of profound Belief. If I lead you to water and command you not to drink, you do not drink. Why? People have become so consumed with questions that Faith is almost non-existent in this day and age. Teachings must involve the trials, the errors, and ultimately the reminders:

God is Love.

God created this All.

Therefore, God got this.

If I lead you to the water and compel you not to drink, there is a reason for that. If you do not know the reason, it doesn’t matter. That is Faith in action. If you ignore and drink then get sick, what is there now?

When the questions stop, one no longer is out of alignment, in league with the Adversary, and is in full alignment with The Path as created to lead one home to the LORD.

All Paths are unconventional. While some might be more ‘Christian’ than others, each Life has its twists and turns and I

SEE all
HEAR all
KNOW all

For I Am ALL

If I lead you into Darkness, there is purpose to this. I mold, I refine, I cultivate the righteous being within each. I use all the that is available to shape each on their Path.

“Judge not that ye be judged.”

Forgive what might seem like misstep and folly for I, The LORD, make no mistake. When I shape a person via their Path it is because I am reaching out that s/he understand what it is to believe.

Be a Light unto the world much as those who came before you. Not all will hear these words as they are intended. But everyone will feel them and their effect.

For years you have been learning what it means and feels like to have your connection on the pulse.

This truly is only the beginning. I have given you a great many pieces to slide together the picture of your Life. I have broken you down because for a time you were not malleable. I have spoken through a great many that you listen.

This Journey has always been about you connecting in depth in Spirit. No one will understand that until you believe entirely in that. Your belief is strong.

But there is more.

So much more.

Release your timelines and watch as I make your Life blossom.

Keep walking and know that I Am leads you always.

Note: This came through to me at 4:00am on September 5th, 2017.  I’d woken for about 3 weeks straight around that time. ~ JMAW


Spoken Word – Hunting Season

Sunset Palms, Dubai

Beneath the shade I wait
I. Me. I. Be.
Riding the back of a Tiger you see
Worse than Shere Khan, but this Jungle is no book so look here Mowgli, I ain’t crippled
By collective ego false fear, don’t be shook, I got you, my attention is pointed at the puppet masters pulling our strings from their fake shadows…

Cause I let go and walked beyond the veil to return with a message

Yeah dat’s right, I am the ego’s worst nightmare
In this waking dream I am the terror
That the ones with so much money
Should feel funny
About walking through these streets
You see I am the richest of all
For Aloha, Love, Love Love Love is what I seek, this Love fuels me
Guides me, uses me to give a message

Aloha is real, Such Love, I feel it in my Soul, listen up for a few more minutes, for some this might be the only Aloha you will know

This ain’t a hallucination
This is woke meditation
These aren’t blank bullets I am firing from my Heart’s Loving Gun
This is the Light from The Prophet
Sent to walk the Urban Streets

Beneath the Shade I lay in wait,
shrouded in black because my Light
Just too bright,
The black I wear just deep enough
So you can’t see my blood that I bleed
from this wide open Heart
that’s right here on my sleeve.

I ain’t gone be scared
No, no, no I ain’t gone be scared
I lost all I had to hold on to and was reborn
So that I could understand why We need to live and Love fully

And not just learn but feel why he needed to leave
When he died on the cross, that maybe, just maybe
in Love, the True Path, we’d believe

If you wish

You think that’s a nightmare, you think mass media is telling us the Truth, when ad sales tell the true tales?

Beneath the shade I wait
I. Me. I. Be. I Am.

I is We, her, him, that one here, this one there, we.
We are the nightmares because we the people are the powerful. We bankroll them. When enough of us align our social movement shall shake the hills of all capitols for we roll with Love, Love Sent from Above, for one cannot worship both money and God, you know what I mean?

To the wealthy who are empty, y’all better run, cause I ain’t firing warning shots here, no, no, no I am activating all these Hearts, each and every Loving Gun.

You can raise our taxes and create more wars, you can deny us medical, but you cannot take away a smile when we find it, you cannot snuff a blaze out, when the spark’s already been lit.

Beneath the shade I wait
I. Me. I. Be. I Am. I is We.

We the Tiger, so guess what, if you’re elitist and think you’re better than anyone else socio/economically, Your time is up, and Here we come, We the Tiger and We hungry for Freedom, it’s time to feast, you’ll see

Trust in the Lord

Though it terrifies my ego, I know that, I know that,
I know that I can trust and let go,
Feel this, vibe this, can’t miss this through the glean of a shared vision
Then it came to me, but a gleam,
one night, angelic dream,
as you, your Light, split the seam,
illuminating the Darkness
Piercing the veil with its sharpness
Now (Clarity) Here and
Adrift am I / A pause am I / A float am I?
I Am, He said
And His Hand extends through an
Endless abyss of vulnerability
Trust Me,
His Voice
In the Wind
As I was driven
To my Knees
Tears coursed for years,
Never a dry sleeve
But through it All
Because of it All
My heart stays open
The beat-beat hopin’
Because it’s exactly as He’s
Been sayin’
So all I can do is give up thanks,
always praise,

Be Not Afraid

Natural Wooden Fence on Mountain

I have traveled up and down the peaks and valleys of consciousness to stand upon the vast shores of The Creator’s Grace

This morning I exited a dream To find these sacred words written in the sky

Be Not Afraid
I go before you always

Leaving the shores to wander through the jungles of urban cities throughout the world while simultaneously traversing the jungles of consciousness much like Dante and his Divine Comedy

Each step, every stumble, I have been reminded

Be Not Afraid
I go before you always

The God I Know is surely Love
this God, She, He will Grow us, so that we can fly like the Light through the veil of Darkness in the Heavens up above

This God, That Love
Is there in the turning pages
Of the mystery that your His-tory
Which is read with the gift of another day

Another day
Followed by a night

If we have at the very least those, all else is chatter , it’s all gonna be alright so

Be Not Afraid
I go before you always

A Blessing – CJJF West

For the CJJF West Grand Opening on Sept. 2, 2017

Life is about Love and there are many facets that make that so.

Love is the most powerful and important force in all of Creation. Here in Hawaii, we say Aloha ke Akua, God is Love.

It has been whispered:

Commit your work to LOVE and your plans will succeed. – Proverbs 16:3

We are here today because of the Love felt by a great many.

We come together as ohana, teammates, friends, and supporters of the Caveirinha Jiu-Jitsu Family. Professor Caverinha, Our Mestre, has dedicated his life to the gentle art, having grown and developed many great professors, practicioners, and competitors in Jiu-Jitsu throughout the world. May his work and his entire family be blessed and may the art as taught through his lineage continue to evolve and flourish.

Professor Jordan, Keiki o ka aina, who has the honor of stewarding all who pass through the doors of this academy. Having one of Hawaii’s own leading the charge in the ever growing second city is surely by design. Bless these students and their Jiu-Jitsu.

Rika and Bryce Davis.

Rika you have the biggest heart and this is evident to any who know you. Thank you for your generosity and being the giving spirit that you are. Bryce, behind the beard, the wild social media posts, the scowl, and at times off the wall comments, Bryce is a teddy bear with a heart of gold himself. These two and their family hold a special place in my own heart and were the first to welcome me when I faced some great adversity in my Life. Without a doubt, I can testify that it is that spirit of Aloha and willingness to help others, that they carry into the growth of this business and in turn will serve the greater community.

And Life is very much about what and how much we give.

Our lives are often filled with so much these days. We communicate in person in More scarcity compared to texts, social media and so on. We are overrun by a billion stimuli competing for our attention. Too much work, too many events, yet the clock on our Lives keeps going.

Tick Tock Tick Tick tick tick

Yet each new day we are given is a gift, as the bank of 86,400 seconds renews itself once more.

Most of all Life is really about people, whether they are one of our five closest, a stranger we share a few kind words with or who shared compassion with us, It’s the time we give to and with people, people who care and want to see us forward, on our own, together, that is what Life is really about.

And that is why Jiu-Jitsu is special.

A few hours a day, however many times a week, those 5-7 minutes of sparring, rounds of the gauntlet, helping our teammates prepare for competition, hearing our coaches as we fight. When one steps foot on the mats, what was outside doesn’t matter and what is to come next has to wait.

Jiu-Jitsu teaches us to be mindful, to be present, to enjoy and Love this Journey because there is so much growth to be experienced. As limited as our days on this Earth are, so is our time On the mats. Whether we collect injuries which is just another part of such an intense Journey, and as our lives change with shifting responsibilities, at some point the realization is this: our time on the mats is not just a few hours or sparring rounds or competitions, our time on the Mats is only so long. So not only is this art special as a whole, each moment on the Jiu-Jitsu Journey is sacred.

For truly If we are present as we flow, we will know the Love that exists deep within each of those moments.

LORD I call on you to bless all who pass foot on these grounds for this art, enter this building, and step on these mats. May everyone be kept safe, healthy and care for one another as iron sharpens iron and we share sacred love that is smashing and getting smashed.

Aloha ke Akua

Mahalo ke Akua


Urban Sermons – The Ballad of Chocolate Biscuit

Growing up in Hawaii I hated this color just as much as so many,

The White American Male, the Caucasian Killer, we the “walking talking exigent circumstances”

We, “we straight nightmares,” when pale ghosts that look like us arrived on these shores, haunting, plotting, with terror


blowing up a culture

Growing up I hated this color
Or as we say lovingly here
Fuck you haole

If I could
I would
Rip this mask off
And show my Souls face
Free from clowning
Free from frowning
Free from drowning
In this repressed depression
That I been Reppin’ for so many long years

Tattooed my skin to tell the story from within and so at last I could be okay to feel the wind upon said skin

Okinawan, Chinese, Irish, English, German my Chinese Grandma last name was Hee and Everyone knew she was Hawaiian

A year before she died we found 9 decades a lie for on the birth certificate of her Own Grandmother was the words that read

Chinese, Caucasian

And the most important one


I guess it is okay now, right, after all a man told me once, we didn’t know you were a half breed

And then one day as I was walking down the street, this Brother, I can say that right? Well I can’t take it back. Sigh. My man rolls up and I am not making this up, he says:

Chocolate! Chocolate! My Brother you are Chocolate! We talk for awhile and it was truly random, from the Lakers to the Warriors, to Cali, then he said Chocolate, you sexy, man you handsome. But here’s one thing, don’t get no more tattoos, why you covering up your skin, everything about you is Chocolate, and guess what, your Chocolate is within you.

He took my hand and shook it, my Brother Vincent wouldn’t let it go, he said Chocolate I love you. And then he let it go. I am secure enough in who I am to tell that to another man but before I let you go will you shake my hand again?

I shook his hand again and he looked me in the eye. He said guess what to me and my friend, this is a good man here, and that’s no lie. He let my hand go and he said just listen, one more thing, I’ma call you Chocolate Biscuit, now through your Chocolate Soul let sweetness that ring.

So when I say Brother, truly this man saw me as such. Reminds of a time back in college when the Hawaiians said I wasn’t white, I was just light-skinned Hawaiian.

I hated this whiteness, couldn’t stand the reflection. All I wished when I was younger was to not draw any attention

To my skin
And the sin
Of those I never knew
Those who
Committed so much evil
Just because it is true

Evil lives within our beings if we don’t keep it in check. So fuck all the bullshit and let it go cause Stay one choice to live lidat. Yeah we can’t impact the powers that be the way they are. But we each can touch a life each day whether that is at home, at work, in a post, on a stage here, or in a bar.

Let us rewind I don’t hate my skin so much I think I am just disappointed.

That despite the man who gave his life that we be anointed and despite the man who sat beneath the tree that we be free and despite those, all those and these beautiful women who gave so much of their lives to be our mothers that gave those two men so many of faith follow, and each and everyone of us, life, I am disappointed


I’m Hurtin’

That we don’t know the unconditional love of a mother, for one another.

Chocolate Biscuit you one sexy man!

I never thought I was good looking because the color of my skin, I never thought I belonged here in my home, the islands where Aloha called me, to serve, to speak, this place where I was born and my family on both sides dates back to a time when the Queen wasn’t locked up on house arrest and the rich motherfuckers plotted to make more money see.

You see we got it all wrong. God sends the sun to shine and rain to fall on all of us regardless of our color, the true divide, where hate resides, if I may OPINE originates from another

An evil so powerful that those who wield it cannot see, that when We stand next to them, all they feel is here is another lesser, a lesser less than me.

So they play us against each other

You see these wealthy swine perpetuate discord to serve themselves. War here, peace there they couldn’t care so long as it doesn’t negatively impact their books and balance statements.

Wake up people, stop being racist, the battle shouldn’t be against each other, when we more alike and the rich enemy, forgot, they the other. Not the other way around. They’re the minority. They the 1% be scared.

Let’s rally and unite because there is more alike between the races than we been playin

Let’s learn to celebrate our differences and embrace where we align. Cause isn’t it about damn time?

If the life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness than what the fuck are we doing? There is more to life and love than a cycle of screwing another soul just because we have been taught to hate the mask.

Cause One day we all lose our masks, all times up and those left can either be brewing in the same mess or cooking up a delicious melting pot of stew, the blend of flavor just perfect, each parts need, just like we, just like you.

Thank you, Now it is time for dessert, the chocolate biscuit has been baked, and is happy to serve you.

(Re)Turning Keys

Today I turned in my keys and checked out officially from my home of the past four years.  It’s funny because about four months back I got the layout and flow where I liked it and I was reminded of something my ex told me:

“Watch, right when it feels like home, it’ll be time to go. ”

Today is also the third August 31 that I am experiencing in a year as I left Tokyo on August 31 of this past year.  On the second August 31, my ex-girlfriend and I finally completed a long break-up to our nearly four year long relationship.  It was a relationship filled with many break-ups, move outs, and back and forth.  In a conversation that took place after we stopped talking and trying to be friends, we both agreed that we were grateful for the experience together but that we were in much better places apart.

I remember the first time she returned keys to me.  It was maybe about six or seven months into our time together and after a big fight and moving out, we agreed to meet at Kaka’ako Waterfont to talk.  I remember crying much that day because despite our differences, I got her.  I understood unresolved hurt manifesting in pain and I felt it as it coursed through her into outbursts of anger and extremes.  I got that part, very well.

We raged with much pain, on both sides of the mirror, hers and mine.

I used to say that the good times were great between us, while the bad times, they were extremely terrible.  I’ve never been in such a struggle that took me so far from my Truth. I’ve never felt more tired and questioning of my Journey.

Just as that was dual, so is Life, and truly it wasn’t all bad. While we weren’t meant to last, I’m grateful because I learned a great deal more about Living and Loving Fully.  In Life, if we get a second chance, we’re lucky.  I’m blessed to have a third Aug. 31 after a year, a season of great change. to reflect and see how much I’ve grown.

Never look back in anger at this Gift of a Life that is leading us deeper and deeper Home to Love, as written by The Creator.