Thoughts off the top of my head/Free Writing

~I feel like I walk between two worlds. No Blade humor intended. What I mean by this is that I feel as though I exist in this contemporary age and at times buy into it’s trappings however, I realize this is just an illusion, my life merely a stroke of a brush on a giant universal canvas, and I am just strolling through because my soul has a reason for doing so…

~I pulled my left calf muscle. Ouch/FrickDamnit/etc. Kind of bummed because I wanted to push it in Jiu-jitsu but oh well. Will have to make do with the hand I’m dealt.

~I realized what I want to do with my life. Now I just have to get there. LMAO.

~I am torn between staying in Hawaii and moving. If I can find work that allows me to move freely and compete in Federation tournaments across the continental US and even further than I’ll stay because I love the Gracie Barra I’m at and I traveling frequently makes staying in Hawaii cool. If I can’t, then I’m totally down to peace out and try a new scene so long as I find a great place to train…

~Note: My life is geared around training because I feel strongly that what I want to do with my life involves opening up my own school someday and teaching. What a dream that would be!

~I won $3 in the lottery. Kind of cool. Always thought I’d win millions as a kid and travel. Good thing I held on to those tickets eh?

~I suppose that’s it for now. Chee huu peeps!

Masculinism Part One

There is a need for a masculinism. Why you may ask? Because this disconnected “man’s world” is out of touch with what it really means to be a man.

In the predominantly, alpha male/machismo culture that exists today, men snuff out any type of feeling and sensitivity, unless it’s anger. We’re quite efficient at anger. What happens when someone (this goes for you too ladies) suppresses feelings, it manifests in many ways until it is addressed.

At first, it could come in a dream. A man may find himself dressed as a woman in a dream. The average alpha wannabe will freak out and as a result feel a sense that his masculinity is challenged. This is not the case. Most likely the feminine energy of that man asking to be acknowledged and the subsequent over-compensation of running to the gym or trying to sleep with someone could be avoided.

What follows if this goes on, will be an outburst that is probably very extreme (think going postal…). If a feeling is suppressed and not acknowledged, the Universe in conjunction with the sub-conscious finds a way to bring this to light.

If this goes one over time, illness and dis-ease takes hold in the body. Modern western medicine has created drugs that will suppress emotion and feeling further but then the body becomes weighed down, either through weight gain and/or decay of the organs and system.

It’s no wonder that stress is amongst the leading causes of death. In fact the three leading causes of death in America, heart disease, obesity, and stress are all linked to the suppression of our feelings.

It’s okay to feel guys. It’s necessary to feel if the world is to evolve to its next phase.

To be continued…

the cards have been dealt
and the dealer sits back with a smile
as the players posture and pose

i decide to go all in
for that’s the only way
I can play this hand of life

Patience in the third dimension seems like an eternity but to eternity is not even but a blink.  The waves upon waves of energetic explosions that have lead us to this point in the realm you call time seems but an instant to the grand creation’s origin and Is.  You shall not question.  Just enjoy.

March 17, 2010

The time is upon us.  The earth’s axis has shifted.  As you have already experienced with the weather changes and the catastrophic natural occurrences that are taking place to cleanse the earth you shall soon see and feel the real power of this energetic shift as has been described and shared by your science and mysticism for many years upon years throughout generations.

Do not fear, have faith that this will soon pass and a new, brighter day shall awaken.  As many have said, through the darkest night is the brightest day.  Consider this period the night with few bright lights of shooting stars and a dimming moon.  The sun shall soon rise and mankind will know what it truly is and what it means to live.

Not since the Atlantean age has the earth had such tremendous potential.  To some this may cause alarm for it exists outside the sphere of the conscious mind.  One must journey into the unconscious and flow with the momentum of all that is and was and forever shall be.

The words might sound mysterious but breathe deep and a resonance will arise deep in your soul.  The scribe is confused when he sits in his mind as well and grows fearful when we refer to him as the scribe.  As you have said for years upon years throughout generations but have butchered in interpretation: do not kill the MESSAGE.

Peace be to all.  Shalom.  Aloha.  Namaste.  As it was in the beginning, so shall it come to pass with a new chapter of creation.

Channeled Message

It is time for all to see, for all to hear, for all to feel. This is the age that is about to dawn. Let not fear stand in the way for it is fear that has hindered you all for far too long.

The veil shall be lifted or has it already been lifted? Something for you to ponder. Let not your wonder of the unknown hold you back any longer.

Ask and you shall receive. Visualize and the path to your dreams shall be revealed. For it is the wish of the collective, the one you call God, the Universe, the almighty Is, the I Am. This consciousness is manifesting at a rate that has not been seen in the past, nor shall it been seen again in the future because this is humanity’s time to rise up, and sit at the seat that was always intended for this beautiful creation.

the calling

the winds rage
they are calling
as spirits do
when the universe is restless
for souls abound
across, around, in abundance
so is the way with the weather
these days
the winds
they are a calling
just as they are a blowing