Whirlwind of change

the windy days of change are slow sometimes and at other times they are fast
make not haste for it will pass and slowly you may waste
all that you’ve been given and foreseen
is as it is
so take your time as the water flows because you don’t ever know
and so how it goes

flow, flow, flow, with the go or go with the flow. a question you have oft pondered in the years since you began…

to know to know, know, know, know, is what you’ve always sought…

to grow, to grow, to grow, grow, grow, grow, will only occur if you flow with the go and then you shall truly know…

Channeled Message

There are echos, echos, echos.

You will here them if you stop and allow their notes to flow through your mind into your entire being. These melodies contain within them all that ever came through this existence in this reality’s reality.

The current manifestation is vast and is the result of the aforementioned energies. The synergy of it all, born from chaos, yet death through harmony.

Few will grasp what is carried in these words. Not even he who writes can comprehend for the mind can only think so far, can only lie in logic. Try not to ponder the message so much as to allow it to flow through you.

The more we allow it all to flow through our beings, the closer we are to integrating that which goes from start to end, from finish to beginning, fluidly. Freely.

Let it flow, flow, flow.

Channeled Message

The flow of running water is immense in the world. It flows as it flows and it cleanses should you choose to be cleansed. There is no longer darkness circulating in the world. The light will soon shine forth as all shall see when the time shows itself.

Cryptic this may seem but not to those with the ability to listen deeply within their beings. These words will ring true on a level one has not yet acknowledged, not yet detected, but was never lost and is always there.

Blessed be are those who enter the inner kingdom of God, of the Universe, of the is the Alpha and Omega, all that was and will be.

For ever in love shall we arise from the ashes.

Channeled for All

This message is channeled for all who wish to learn from this existence. It is the thought form flowing through the body which is received in the mind of he who is typing. It is flowed through a vessel.

We are all vessels. We are all receptors. We can all experience the oneness that was spoken by all of the masters and teachers throughout time.

The age is nearing where catastrophic change will unhinge the thought patterns of all of society. It is not a time to be afraid though many of you will fear this.

Remember, be not afraid. As Jesus once said, “I go before you” and as the Buddhist doctrine of the Four Noble Truths and as the sacred text of the Qu’ran and as and as and as.

Believe in what you will and seek what you must but the only thing that is important, in its simplest form is to be not afraid.

For it is fear that limits us all. It is fear that is the opposite of love. Do not question love. Love is pure. It is that which all of creation has arisen. It is what is.

This message is reaching its conclusion. This message is available to all who choose to accept the frequency at which it is being sent. It is already a part of you.

Will you tune in?

We love…

(no title)

the darkness creeps in from time to time

light ceases to exists

mere veils, these illusions try to hide

that which truly is

the mind it screeches to blot

the sun of light that pours from

the source

the connection deep within us

sighs for patience

has its moments

one day joy embraces of the purest

breath that fills our inner depth

and when that day comes

we shall see

how beauty never left

Happy Valentine’s Day

“Happy Valentine’s Day.  Every day is the 14th!”

So says Andre 3000.  Not much to say on this Valentine’s other than it’s nice to have a Valentine for the first time in many years.  Life surely has peaks and valleys and though the fire of passion may not always be burning it doesn’t mean the warmth of a cooler flame is any less valuable.


Blast from the last year’s Valentine’s post.