Happy Valentine’s Day

“Happy Valentine’s Day.  Every day is the 14th!”

So says Andre 3000.  Not much to say on this Valentine’s other than it’s nice to have a Valentine for the first time in many years.  Life surely has peaks and valleys and though the fire of passion may not always be burning it doesn’t mean the warmth of a cooler flame is any less valuable.


Blast from the last year’s Valentine’s post.


My dreams have been haunted.

Images of childhood.

Chasing me down.

I don’t feel down in my waking life.

But something in the recesses of my mind.

Is bubbling out.

I know not what they mean.

I shall be vigilant and keep the my faith that the journey

My higher self chose

Is exactly what I need

to Truly Be


silly rhymes

my my my

how it’s been some time

since i took the, well, uh time

to rhyme

so shall we rhyme?

or rhyme we shall?

i cannot tell

oh well

stress eater


i’m a stress eater

when i’m stressed

my hunger is


munch, crunch, lunch

i’m a stress eater…

when i’m not stressed

my cup is always full

and i am sure not to let it overflow

jarred brain

the lid that holds the jam, jelly, or preserves of my brain

has once again jarred

and i had the same response

anger, euphoria, irritation, loss of short term memory…

although the lid is tighter than the last

i wonder why this has happened yet again

guess it’s time to slow down again

a thought on rush hour

the mechanical animals creep at this time

some nose to end, others but a few feet apart

“creepin’ and crawlin’

snoop doggy doggin’ in the”

traffic and taking so long to get to the house