A Poetic 45 – Week 01

A week in, a weak one, and here we are, oh look, radiating sun

The Earth turns upon Axis, once more, has it won, and yet neither here nor there will we be, until the death of this sun

So small, is each life, so vast, why build strife?  Why build walls?

What point is it to divide?  To conquer?  Questions I ask, yet so many questions, I myself have failed to ask and live so who I am, when in a way, I have also lied, in essence create divide?

Protagonist in chief, no antagonistic thief, media thievin’ ya, but when governance fails to uphold the standard of human decency, who is it, brother, oh sister, that be deceivin’ ya?

Who is it that be deceivin’ ya?

A week in, a weak one, and here we are, oh look, radiating sun…


J. Wading Through the Stream – Ep. 04

Ripe with chaos, it seems we’ve arrived, with a real life orange Oompa Loompa to the right, & a pants suit wearing Pinocchio on the left side

of both aisles

Aisles that seem more like trials because in the vastly divided middle, there is but one voice,

one voice

crying far above and venting its frustration.

How can we ever be a land of the free if there are those among us denied

basic rights & respect, my it seems we’ve lost our stride. Da-damn media deceivin’ ya, would you be believin’ uh, this scenario, if I told you about it two years since…

Since we lost focus on keeping the focus on Love & Equality.  Yes Love, Yes Equality, because if we can’t be Free, we might as well have those two values going for us.  Yet we value, not, not,


a single collective thing

That’s why voices sing

That’s why bullets ring

That’s why we’re lost

That’s why we’ve got nothing on moss

Yes the simplest of life, that grows in the Dark, always striving towards the Light.

So I leave you tonight, with these thoughts as we drift along, through our collective Dark Night

of a Shared Soul, one that we are all linked by an invisible thread

If you follow it to the source, you’ll see the yarn’s been spun, long ago written, and here we are just about to drift off to bed

To read

Now read that in the past as read

Tread lightly children, for what of the world are we leaving for our children?

With a vote to the Right, or a vote to the Left, a Nation divided stands without rest, though Greatness sleeps.

Now there lies the rub, ain’t this shit deep!


Free Flow 2.0

sometimes I wanna scream,

sometimes I wanna dream

why can’t I soar?

why can’t I find the seam…

to be great?


it’s late at night,

I’ve got my fate

clutched in a bottle,

in a puff of smoky hollow

and it’s too



for what?


I don’t know.

do you know?

he-elllllllllllllllll, no.


so nowwwwwwww, what?


excuse me as I marinate

a new goal,

fueled by dreams

foot on the throttle,

soaring as I sing

these lyrics

with a soft poetic Truth & uh

please let my message seduce



into thinking,

into being,

take ya from perceiving to



oh please let you follow me

now please let me rest, see

just rest, see

can I rest, please?


hollow, so hollow, hollow, I

lost in the smoke and

too many broken bottles, I,

I’m out


Tentacles – 1.


this press

that I’m pressin’
got me repressed
in depression
please depress
that regression
else I regress
with the next recession
hold up!
where the fuck went recess?
damn, how I miss elementary!
this first volume of my life long closed
now so far out of my element in urban
Wildnerness I sup-prose and
these days!? are so sad!
B/c I can’t even sing.
(can’t sing!!!) about the beauty
of life business sans making ends
meet & greet with no ice pick to
break the chill that greets & meets
me at every vapid corner
of these soul bereft, vacant streets
so press on
and on and
on and on
at least Soul’s Dark Night
meets early mournin’
so totally
finally then my
now I’m free
flowin’ like
fallin’ right
deep into
I just
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Impossibly Precise


This was inspired by a poem written by Teacher/Friend, Adya. Enjoy.

I am the Impossible

Never before have I been dreamed

What I’m here to achieve

The world has not once before seen

But there’s a chance This has been felt

For feelings translate True

And there’s a rhythm That has been felt

For the beat-beat bounces through

From Within the whole Either

Through With-in the Out, from Blue to Blue

No matter how Impossibly precise that may be

Guess what, Moth Uh Fuh Kahs?

I am the Impossible Truth!

I am a Love Divine!

I am the Best I’ll ever be!

And that travels through each’N’every second of Time!